Great striper fishing to 38#
May 20, 2023 Highlands 9 photos
Bass (Striped)
Bass (Striped)

Trip Summary

Great striper fishing continues. This morning Dave and crew had a great bite all morning landing a few dozen fish to around 30# taking a few for the table and releasing the rest. This afternoon Mike and crew were onboard. Took a bit to get the bait but once we loaded the wells it was game on. Non-stop action all afternoon for guys with fish 38#. Took a few for dinner and released several dozen more for another day.
Derek Bielitz
Highlands, New Jersey, United States
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The Fisher Price IV is a full-time professional charter boat sailing out of Highlands, New Jersey. It takes you to the local waters surrounding Sandy Hook, the New York Bight, and the offshore waters off the Jersey Shore. Whether you are a seasoned angler...

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