Birthday trip.
June 30, 2023 Stevensville 1 photo

Trip Summary

Michael and Michelle were in town to celebrate their birthday and booked a trip with us. They drove from about 2 1/2 hrs North and stayed in town for the weekend to do some fishing. We started out catching some spot for bait. After putting 13 spot in the live well we head to the Stripers grounds. Well boy were they chewing that morning. They had their 2 fish each in about 30 minutes. Wow. Well we are not the charter that drops you off early if you get your fish. With it being so hot it’s not good to catch and release Stripers they don’t do well in the high heat temps. So we bottomed fished different spots on the way back and caught perch, spot and some croakers. Book your trip before it’s too late.
Richard Phippin
Stevensville, Maryland, United States
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Explore secret fishing spots in the Chesapeake Bay with Nauti Hooker Charters! Captain Richard Phippin has been fishing in the area since he was a teenager and started this charter as a family business. His trips are available year-round and he’ll a...

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We love return clients.
We love return clients.
June 11, 2023
Mike scheduled his annual fishing trip with us for in the am. Even tho everyone got up real early they wasted no time getting to work. With in site of the launch location we filled the live well with spot and perch. As always the kids had the upper hand catching. After gathering enough bait, off to the fishing grounds we went. We even got a show from a couple small pods of dolphins on the way. They just pop up here and there. You can never pin point them as they move long distances some times each day. Sometimes you see a few sometimes many many more. We got to where we left them biting the night before only to find a slack tide. Striped bass like moving water or they are hard to entice a bite from. We moved around and found 1 hungry one. The current was just starting to move slightly so we moved to where I suspected we had our best chance at. Well I guessed right. We picked at them till time to go. They ended the day with 6 nice keepers. Live lining is no guarantee but it is a lot of fun. There is a slight learning curve to it as you will miss bites or have fish get off the hook. But once you get the hang of it if they are biting boy oh boy hang on to that rod! June is almost half over wow. We still have dates available for June and July book now before it’s too late. Striped bass season closes July 16. By then we should see some bluefish or Spanish mackerel around and we will concentrate on them. We also will be bottom fishing. For spot and white perch and possible catfish. There’s a lot going on in the Chesapeake Bay. Book a trip with us to get in on some of the action.
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