Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charters

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Top Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Miami Beach

Deep Sea Fishing in Miami Beach

Deep sea fishing off Miami Beach is a rewarding experience year-round. And, you don’t always need to travel far to get to some really deep waters. At some places, the ocean floor drops to over 1000 ft five miles from the shore and you could be getting some delicious Snapper already there. Not to mention big game such as Sailfish. And then beyond - the likes of Marlin, Mahi, Tuna, and the gigantic Swordfish just a full day trip away.

Where to go fishing around Miami Beach

Thanks to the proximity of some pretty impressive deep waters, you could be aiming for the bottoms after a 15 minute boat ride, if the weather’s nice. Strangely enough, at some parts, the waters just off Miami Beach - by which we mean two miles - go deep enough to be home to trophy Grouper and Snapper.

If you’re willing to brave some more miles and head to offshore wrecks and reefs, you could easily be getting tasty Snapper and Grouper, as well as Tilefish, Barracuda, King Mackerel, and more. The key is to look for indigo blue waters and explore the sandy bottoms if you want to get Golden Tilefish. Their numbers start rocketting once you hit 500 ft deep waters. As for Gray Tilefish, which are generally smaller, but equally fun to catch, you will often find them hanging around shipwrecks at depth of 200+ ft.

Although Sailfish sometimes come close to the shore, if you want to get a nice big fish - read 50+ pounds - you should check out coral and artificial reefs near the edges of the gulf stream. They could be swimming near the top water, but once you hook them, they will make run towards the ocean floor.

These fisheries are also home to White Marlin that swim far offshore in deep waters but often make their appearance near the surface. Nearby, you can also find Wahoo, Tuna, and Mahi.

So, if you’re looking for something of a watertight method - head offshore towards the gulf stream and don’t stop until you have ventured 20+ miles offshore - or unless you came across deep waters near the coastline. Either way, the prize is within a reach.

When to go on a deep sea fishing trip

The seasons plays a big role here, although offshore you can easily find some impressive Amberjacks year-round.

If you want the best of Sailfish, then winter months are the time to board a boat. Sailfish travel southwards and linger here to feed on pilchards and flying fish. If you’re looking for an artsy touch - why not try kite fishing?

It’s important to understand that many factors come to play when you go deep sea fishing. The currents, moon phase, the wind - all these make part of the equation, so some days can be more rewarding than others, although you’ve fished the same depths. Still, nothing beats the feeling of getting a fish of lifetime, and deep sea fisheries out of Miami Beach will give you a good chance to get yours.

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Reviews of Fishing in Deep Sea Fishing in Miami Beach

September fishing trip
Lena H. fished with Sea Cross I - Fishing Miami on September 23, 2019
take a lot of Dramamine! if you do get sick push through it if you can. it's worth it!!!
8 hours trip.
James D. fished with Deep Sea Fishing Miami on May 22, 2019
Just bring yourself they will do the rest.
Fantistic trip and crew
Carlos C. fished with Sea Cross II - Fishing Miami on April 6, 2019
Great place to fish. Calm water and getting ro fishing grounds is fast.
Fishing with Jay
Helle C. fished with Deep Sea Fishing Miami on July 17, 2018
Bring lots of water and sandwiches. Don’t mix alcohol and fishing and waves.
Vacation vibes!
Nick B. fished with Sea Cross I - Fishing Miami on June 23, 2018
Much different experience than most of the east coast. 15 minutes off the dock and you are where the fish are. The sun's strong. Bring protection.
Fishing trip with Captain Dave and Mick
Patricia A. fished with Blue Fin Charters on April 17, 2018
Go out with Captain Dave on the Blue Fin, he is a lifelong fisherman and knows this area.
Great day with capt Ryan
Joseph M. fished with Tell N’ Tails Charters on May 26, 2017
Don't consider a party boat. You won't regret a private charter.
Miami fishing
Jose L. fished with Spearfishing Charters in Miami FL on January 10, 2017
Very nice reef and clear water to fish on

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