Best Bottom Fishing Charters in Oregon Coast

Top Bottom Fishing Charters in Oregon Coast

Bottom Fishing in Oregon Coast

When you’re dealing with some of the best freshwater fishing in the States and Tuna runs that have been covered on TV shows like Battlefish, it’s easy to see why other types of fishing often get overlooked. But ask any captain what bottom fishing the Oregon Coast is like, and you'll realize that this is about as good as saltwater food fishing gets

Which Trip Should I Take?

It all depends on the fish you want to catch! Rockfish, Lingcod, and Halibut are the main three bottom fishing targets for Oregon Coast fishing charters. Lingcod are the most interesting of the bunch because they’re present all year long and you’ll find them wherever you go. Rockfish come in different shapes and sizes, but some types (like the Yelloweye) are completely prohibited for fishing. And in order to catch Halibut, you’ll need to go a few dozen miles offshore.

Half Day Trips

Short trips are ideal for heading after Rockfish and young Lingcod with light tackle. This is fun for the whole family, especially in late spring and early summer.  Four to five hours is standard for this type of trip.

¾ Day Trips

With more time on your hands, you’ll be able to reach the waters that hold Halibut. With all of the Oregon Coast Bottom Fishing trifecta at your fingertips, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. These trips typically last between six and eight hours.

Full Day Trips

The longer the trip, the bigger the reward, literally. You have the opportunity to fish the deepest areas available in search of some big Halibut and Lingcod. The best places for this type of trip are Astoria and Coos Bay, at the northern and southern part of Oregon respectively.

How to Prepare

Whether you decide on a quick trip nearshore or a deep sea adventure, all anglers aged 12 and older will need a fishing license. Dress appropriately, as it can get cold and rainy out there, especially offshore! If you have trouble with motion sickness, be sure to pack some Dramamine just in case.

Bottom fishing is a great way to have fun and end up with something nice to eat later, and the Oregon Coast is a perfect example of that. Try it out and you’ll be absolutely hooked!

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