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Fly Fishing in Bahamas

Crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and rich flats exploding with shallow water A-listers – what more could you ask for? This is exactly why the fly fishing the Bahamas has on its doorstep is so popular. Just add professional local charters, experienced guides, and great boats to this picture, and you'll see why this tropical paradise is on the bucket list for most fishing addicts. 

What to Expect  

One thing you can't miss is casting a fly at the schools of Bonefish that patrol these waters. But there are a lot of other catch-worthy fish in the sea, too. Bahamas flats fishing can also see you catching Permit, Barracuda, and even the mighty Tarpon on the fly. 
You'll get to choose from a variety of packages, from half to full day trips. The numerous Bahamas fly fishing lodges also provide all-inclusive multiday packages that are perfect for hard-core fly fishermen. 
With so many productive fishing grounds, choosing the right location is not an easy task, but here are some of the most popular fly fishing destinations: 


Bimini holds some of the biggest Bones in the world, with a record-breaking 16-pounder recorded on these flats. They're present throughout the year in the waters of the eastern shore and fall is when the biggest specimens are caught. In addition to Bonefish, Bimini fly fishing can also see you catching large Tarpon and Permit. 


The biggest island of the Bahamas, Andros is famous for its extensive flats, mangrove swamps, and creeks. In these waters, you can catch anything from Tarpon, Permit, and Bones to Ladyfish, Barracuda, and even Blacktip Sharks. Bonefish are the main target here as well, and they're known for both their size and abundance. 

Great Exuma

The flats and small cays of Great Exuma are another peak spot for chasing after the best Bahamas Bonefish. George Town is known as the fly fishing mecca, attracting numerous fly anglers each year. Wading or fishing from a skiff is the most common way of fly fishing here.  

Walker’s Cay

Walker’s Cay might not be famous for its extensive flats, but Bones are present here year-round anyway! In addition to the archipelago's favorite fly fishing target, you can also catch a variety of other species in these waters, including Barracuda and Sharks.
Bones, Permit, Barracuda, Sharks, and smaller Tarpon (when in season) can be found throughout the archipelago. Some of the other productive locations include Berry Islands, Middle Abacos, Long Island, Crooked Island, Eleuthera, and more. 

How to Prepare

The Bahamas have always been big on marine conservation, and any Bahamas fly fishing guide will usually advise catch and release. Depending on the charter, fly fishing gear may or may not be provided, so make sure to ask your captain about this prior to the trip. Bahamas fly fishing resorts are usually all-inclusive, but you should take care of your own food and drinks if you're going on a shorter trip. If you're fishing independently, you'll need a valid fishing license. Fish with a guide, and this will be included as standard.
Whether you're after getting as many Bones as you can, catching more elusive species like Tarpon and Permit, or just mastering your cast, fly fishing in the Bahamas won't disappoint. Whether this is your first or your thousand and first cast, there are few places on the planet that match the Bahamas for saltwater fly fishing!


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