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With over 50 world fishing records set in these very waters (many of them for Marlin), the Bahamas have long been coveted as the one spot any self-respecting fisherman must visit before he hangs up his rods for good. You can find a whole lot of Bahamas fishing charters all over what is known as “the Bonefish capital of the world”. Pick any of these tightly-knit islands and you’ll find yourself in a miniature paradise. Grand Bahama, Cat Island, Nassau, and plenty of others are all valid places to start your fishing adventure.

Owing to some of the clearest waters in the world, fly fishing in the Bahamas has a stellar reputation that’s well-earned. Should you grow tired of the neverending parade of Bonefish schools, there’s a lot more to set your teeth in. From unforgettable fishing on the so-called “Tongue of the Ocean” to unrivaled Yellowfin Tuna seasons and amazing variety over at the world’s 3rd largest barrier reef, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Fishing Spots in the Bahamas

While every fishing hotspot in the Bahamas has something that makes it unique, they all share one thing - it’s world-class fishing all the way! Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for extra shallow or extra deep waters, you’re guaranteed to find your own little piece of paradise. Here are some of the places you should definitely check out:

Andros Island

While usually referred to as a single island, Andros Island is actually an archipelago, made up of North Andros, Mangrove Cay, South Andros, and hundreds of smaller isles. Combined, they have more land mass than all the other 700 or so Bahamian islands put together. Its famous blue holes (underwater caves) make it a top destination for divers all over the world. Fishing-wise, it probably has the most diverse offer. Due to its size, it’s host to a large number of both tourists and Bahamas sport fishing charters. From multi-day bluewater trips to a quick run to the flats, pick what suits you best.

Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama is the place to go if you want to get a taste of the best Bonefishing in the Bahamas. As an added bonus, it’s just a half-hour ride from Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Most of the action starts from either the island’s West End, or Freeport, Bahamas’ second largest town. The great thing about the flats here is that they’re good for fishing year-round, with droves of Permit and Tarpon making an entry during the spring-summer season. This makes it a must-visit for any visiting fly angler.

Long Island

Long Island has the honor of being known as the most scenic island in the entire country, which is very high praise considering it’s the Bahamas we’re talking about. Apart from being quite a sight to behold, it’s also a very respectable fishing location. The waters are great for diving, so look for a spearfishing charter if you prefer the more hands-on approach. When you get back home, you can show off the photo with a defeated Mahi Mahi to make your friends jealous.


Exuma is actually the name of a district that consists of more than 365 islands, known as cays. Hollywood stars like Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp, and Eddie Murphy have bought some of these cays - maybe they liked the fishing too. No need for you to buy an island though, charter trips are much, much cheaper. The sportfishing tournaments Exuma is known draw in professional anglers year after year. You’ll find some great flats here as well, which comes with the territory when you’re in the Bahamas.


Often unfairly glossed over by anglers in favor of places like Andros or Grand Bahama, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas, and more than worthy of your attention. It’s a fantastic holiday destination, with a number of annual festivals, restaurants with delicious seafood, and top-notch angling action. The sandy flats on the island’s southern side make Nassau Bonefishing some of the best in the entire country, and that’s saying something. Where Nassau really shines, though, is in the Wahoo fishing during the winter. Offshore fishing here can also have you up against heavy-weights like Marlin and Sailfish, prize catches for any angler.

Fishing Techniques

When it comes to inshore fishing, you’ll find that fly fishing is very well represented in the Bahamas. The scenic sights and spacious flats lend themselves very well to sight casting. There’s no need to complicate things, an 8 or 9wt fly rod coupled with a weight-forward line, a 12’ leader and a 12lb test line will do the job.

As for offshore, you’ll be trolling for the most part with light and heavy tackle, depending on what exactly you’re going after. The local offshore charter captains are well versed in all kinds of deep sea fishing, so just tell them what your goal is, and they’ll give you the best shot at it.

Need to Know

Spearguns are banned in the Bahamas, so any spearfishing trips will be done exclusively with Hawaiian slings.

You will be able to take your catch back to the States, provided it’s of legal size and species in both countries. Most charter captains will provide the necessary fishing licenses, but it’s always a good idea to check with the captain before your trip. If you plan on heading to the flats on your own, you’ll need a fishing license for everybody over the age of 12. You can order those online before you head out for an experience of a lifetime.

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Bahamas Fishing Seasons


When the temperature stays in the 70’s during January, you know you’re in fish paradise. This is probably the best time to go after monster Wahoo that come in search of warmer waters.


The Wahoo bite is still going strong. Feel free to sign up a local tournament if you’re up for a challenge. It’s peak tourist season though, so book well in advance.


March is when you can expect the first Sailfish to make an appearance offshore. As for inshore, Permit will join the local Bonefish population, so the stage is set for a fly adventure.


This is the best time to sign up for an all-star offshore experience. With White and Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, and of course Tuna, it’s the trip of a lifetime right there.


No time to catch a break as far as fishing in the Bahamas is concerned. Tarpon are due to come in during the month in big numbers, so get your best flies ready.


Go out after Sailfish while they’re still there. After June, they’ll mostly be gone for the year so make the best of it before they sail out.


The main attraction for a July fishing trip in the Bahamas is definitely the impressive Marlin. Those more interested in bottom feeders can feast on Snapper and Grouper galore.


You won’t find a lot of tourists when the weather is so hot, but the Bonefish are absolutely on fire! If you can stand the heat, you’ll be rewarded for it.


The rainy weather typical for September makes for less than stellar flats fishing, but the reefs will more than make up for it, with plenty of Amberjack, Barracuda, and bottom feeders to go.


This is a great time to be in the Bahamas, whether for fishing, tourism, or hopefully both. Flats fishing is picking up again with an army of Bonefish at your disposal.


The Wahoo bite is getting stronger as the year draws to a close, a great reason to host the annual Wahoo Smackdown. In the flats, Bonefish are as feisty as ever.


Come Boxing Day, people in the Bahamas celebrate what’s known as Junkanoo. See the parade in Nassau, and go fishing for Wahoo when you’re not partying.

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I would say you should at least have this experience at least once in your life.
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Anything.. Trolling was slow then we started bottom fishing and it was on fire it was on fish after another.
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Bring everything you think you might need and don't expect 5 star This is an out island proper style.
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Great fishing but be prepared to go and look for it, friendly people great bars [Maxs conch bar, Tinys] etc beautiful place to be.
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I fished with Capt Eddie of First Strike. I had a great experience, so I would recommend you book with him.
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Any type of game fish, our weather was not very cooperative this trip but I plan to return at a later date.
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Just check the weather and hope for the best.

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