Fishing in Bahamas

With over 50 of the world fishing records set in these very waters (many for Marlin), unofficially dubbed the Bonefish capital of the world, the Bahamas have long been coveted as the one spot any self-respecting fisherman must visit before he hangs up his rods for good. Booked your ticket yet?

Known For

Over 650 islands and 2400 cays, Clearest water in the world, Bountiful Bonefish flats, Atlantis, Straw Market, One of the world's largest underwater cave systems, Prime Yellowfin fishing, Deep Water Cay fishing bonanza, Famous candy-striped lighthouse, The Bimini Marlin, Earth's 3rd largest barrier reef, Flamingo, Dean Blue Hole - World’s deepest blue hole, Junkanoo festival


Rules & Regulations

Sports fishing permits can be obtained from the customs officer at any port of entry in The Bahamas. Catch limit is 18 migratory fish total: any combination of kingfish, dolphin (mahi mahi), tuna or wahoo. Others are to be released alive. Shark fishing and is prohibited in Bahamian waters. Nassau grouper closed season is December 1 – February 28. If you receive permission to spearfish, please note that Hawaiian sling is the only permitted spearfishing device. Visitors to The Bahamas are not allowed to sell or trade any fishery products.


Types of Fishing

Neverending parade of Bonefish schools, Nassau Sailfish hotspots, Bimini record-breaking Marlins, Unforgettable fishing on the so-called Tongue of the Ocean, Unrivaled Yellowfin Tuna seasons, Amazing variety of species along the World's 3rd largest barrier reef.


Bahamas Fishing Calendar