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Best Spearfishing Fishing Charters in Croatia

Spearfishing in Croatia

With over 1,700 kilometers of coast on the mainland and a further 4,000 on the islands, you can safely say that Croatia is a haven for fishing. The popular tourist towns all along the Adriatic coast boast plenty of angling opportunities for locals and visitors. You can even take advantage of the chance to try something new, and go spearfishing in Croatia!
What better way to enjoy your holiday than by discovering these crystal clear waters and their stunning fish? Go up against some prized species as you land yourself something delicious for dinner.

What to Expect

This ancient way of catching fish with your bare hands offers a real pulse-racing experience. Adrenaline junkies will relish at the chance for some hands-on combat against big fish in the deeper waters, while everyone will be impressed by the beauty underwater.
Your experienced captain will know everything about these waters, and they’ll give you all the help you need to land your prized fish. Go up against Dentex, Pandora, Bream, Grouper, Mahi Mahi, and many more delicious fish, and catch yourself a deserved treat to take back to shore.

Where and When to Go

Fishing is a part of the daily routine all along the Dalmatian coast. From Poreč in the north to Dubrovnik in the south, via Zadar and Split, you'll find a spearfishing charter to take you offshore. Hop aboard anything from a center console to a powerful offshore sportfishing boat, and discover the riches of the Adriatic. 
Tourists from all over the world flock to the thousands of  islands that pepper the coast, and you can too! There’s plenty of options to go spearfishing, with trips lasting from 4 hours to a full day on the water.
Peak season for tourism and fishing hits in summer, and you’ll want to follow suit. Come when the weather is warm to get the most out of your spearfishing adventure, and enjoy the waters when they’re at their best. 

Need to Know

Before you go spearfishing in Croatia, there are a few things you should be aware of. Certain species are off-limits year round, while others have particular seasons. Make sure not to target Billfish, Bluefin Tuna, Wrasse, or Swordfish with a speargun at any point. Your captain will inform you about the closed seasons for other species. 

How to Prepare

Along with all the gear you need, you’ll also find plenty of drinks and snacks on board your spearfishing charter. Some captains may even provide lunch, but you should bring your own if you plan on spending a full day on the water.
There may also be restrictions on who can go spearfishing, so make sure to get in touch with your captain before to make sure your whole party can enjoy spearfishing in Croatia.
And that’s it! Now you know what you need to do, why not make Croatia your next holiday destination, as you indulge in some thrilling underwater action?


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