Key West Spearfishing Charters

Key West Spearfishing Charters

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Top Spearfishing Fishing Charters in Key West

Spearfishing in Key West

Blue seas, warm water, rich marine life… whatever you’re looking for from spearfishing, Key West has it. What seems like a paradise island at the end of the road gets even better once you take a dip in its seas. Load up a spear gun, and you’ll be able to get in on the action even more.

Key West spearfishing spots

With calm, shallow waters, a living coral barrier reef (the only one in continental USA), and access to the Gulfstream on its doorstep, it’s no wonder Key West spearfishing is legendary amongst spearos the world over. Everyone from complete beginner to champion freediver will meet their match here. That said, you can be sure that Key West spearfishing charters will make sure you’re never out of your depth.

Where you fish really depends on your ability level. Beginners will usually start off around the nearshore coral heads, small gatherings of coral near the shore in water that’s just 10 ft deep. Slightly further out, and the patch reefs are ideal for exploring the coral, maybe meeting Hogfish and Snappers on your journey. Watch out for Nurse Sharks!

Go five miles from the coastline, and you’ll be met by the Florida Reef. This is as beautiful as it’s made out to be, but that comes at a cost. Popular with divers, this line of coral is so frequently visited that the fish can get spooky and shy. But don’t let that put you off—larger Grouper and Snapper are there for those who wait. While you’re here, do your bit for the local ecosystem by hunting out the invasive Lionfish. This aquarium escapee is getting more and more dominant in the local waters, and spearfishing is the perfect method for keeping its population low.

Pro diver looking for more of a challenge? Key West can oblige. A boat ride 10-20 miles from the coast will get you in the Straits of Florida—basically, a highway for migrating fish. Out here in the open ocean, you can target the likes of Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna. Freediving for these blue water pelagics is about as good as spearfishing can get.

Key West spearfishing regulations

There’s a variety of fish that may not be spear fished (Permits, Sharks, Snook, Billfish to name a few). Make sure you’re spearfishing with an experienced guide who will make sure you are keeping within the law. It is also not allowed within the no-take areas of the Florida Marine Sanctuary.

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Reviews of Fishing in Spearfishing in Key West

Fishing with Mike
Matt S. fished with Michael O’Brien Charters on August 11, 2020
Sometimes the fish aren't biting. There are no guarantees. Enjoy the view and the scenery and conversation if nothing else.
Evening half day trip with Ryan
Kate Z. fished with Good Times Key West on July 26, 2020
Sunscreen!!!! Also, have an idea of what type of fishing you’d like to do before booking and heading out, that way your captain can get you to the best spot!
Half Day with captain Hugh
Karl Z. fished with Reel Easy Charters on July 16, 2020
Just be watch, learn and enjoy being out on the water.
Yellow Jacks!!
Judy O. fished with Good Times Key West on July 6, 2020
Be ready to catch some fish. By hiring a guide, you have everything you need at your fingertips.... Bait, tackle, water and a nice boat to get you onto the water. Morning fishing is probably the best, as the afternoons can be extra steamy and fish may be sluggish.
Great Yellow Jack Fishing with Captain JJ
Asterios H. fished with Reel A Salt on June 26, 2020
The weather was amazing and fishing the back country was amazing! Highly recommend.
Half Day with Captain Russ
Tony D. fished with Corsair 2 Sportfishing Key West on August 14, 2019
Book your trip with a Captain who knows the area and Captain Russ has been in the Key West area fishing his entire life.
Half day trip with Ryan
Rebecca M. fished with Good Times Key West on August 2, 2019
Make sure you have something to put on to cover your skin from the sun...our Florida sun is hot in August!!
Fishing with Damon
Stephen T. fished with Fish Key West - The Coolcast on August 1, 2019
You are lucky if you get Josh as your captain. Top notch professional and a good person to know

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