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Buenos Aires Delta Aventura

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Buenos Aires
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trips from $230
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trips from $195

Nomads Outfitters

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trips from $300

Southern Rivers Patagonia

San Carlos De Bariloche
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Pañil Fly Fishing

San Carlos De Bariloche
trips from $290

Golden Fly Fishing

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Paso De La Patria
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FAQs about Fishing Charters in Argentina

The average price for a private 4 hour Argentina fishing trip is $448, while an 8 hour private trip will cost you $1,147 based on prices on

According to customer reviews, Buenos Aires Delta Aventura, Fishing Trips in Buenos Aires, and Nomads Outfitters are some of the most popular fishing charters in Argentina. Full list of top fishing charters in Argentina.

Buenos Aires Delta Aventura and Fishing Trips in Buenos Aires received great reviews from families who booked fishing trips in Argentina.

The most popular fish species you can target are Golden Dorado, Rainbow Trout (Steelhead), and Brown Trout. Top fishing techniques include fly fishing, spinning, and light tackle. River fishing, lake fishing, and flats fishing are commonly offered by local guides.

When you think of Argentina, things like the tango, wine, food, and soccer all come to mind quickly. What you might not know is that this country also features plenty of freshwater fishing opportunities. Diehard anglers can experience the sport in a whole new way here, especially when it comes to fly fishing in Argentina.

Fishing in the South

In the south, sportfishing is all about Brown Trout. Argentina is world-renowned for its sea-run Brown Trout fishing as well as being a top destination for river Brown Trout. As the fishery is so good in Argentina, you’ll find that many captains run multiple day trips. You can make the most of your trip and visit various rivers this way.

Tierra del Fuego (the “Land of Fire”) is the best place to target sea-run Brown Trout. These fish are strong, large, and put up a good fight. Experience is recommended to fish for them. September to March is the best time to target these saltwater fish, which can reach up to 20 pounds, much larger than their relatives inshore.

Head further north for freshwater Trout in the Lake District. You’ll also be able to target Steelhead and Brook Trout when fishing for Brown Trout.

You can catch Brown Trout here from spring to fall, which runs from November to May in this part of the world.

You can also target land-locked Salmon in North Patagonia, which is a subspecies of the Atlantic Salmon. Rainbow Trout is also a popular fish to catch in more mountainous areas. If you want to head offshore, target Yellowtail from February to May.

Fishing in the North

The top catch in the north is Golden Dorado. Head to Buenos Aires or the northeast of Argentina. You can fish on multiple rivers, including the Uruguay River, the Amazon Basin, the Rio de la Plata, and many more. Bigger Dorado can be found in the Rio de la Plata compared to the Amazon Basin.

These can reach up to 60 pounds, although they’re regularly 30 pounds or less. They should be released once you’ve taken your photo. The Golden Dorado is also called the “tiger of the river” and puts up a fight just like Tarpon – it jumps once caught and puts up an impressive and aggressive fight. Expect to get up to 20 hits a day, but you’ll probably only be able to bring half of these onto the boat!

When fishing gear isn’t included in your charter, you’ll want to bring 6–9 wt fly fishing rods. You’ll be ready to target Golden Dorado if you’ve tried fly fishing for Tarpon or Salmon before. Use your larger flies and you’ll be reeling in the fish in no time.

Dorado can be found throughout the year, but are best from September to June. Once winter hits the southern hemisphere, targeting these fish becomes more difficult.

Other species you can target when fishing for Dorado are a variety of Catfish. This includes Bagre Blanco (White Catfish) and Bagre Amarillo (Yellow Catfish), which can reach up to 45 pounds in Argentina. You’ll also be reeling in Tararira (Wolf Fish), Pacu (type of Piranha), Pejerrey (Silverside), and more. Offshore, you can target Mero. Close to shore this usually weighs 5 kilograms but can reach 120 kilograms further out. 

What to Expect

You’ll usually find that fishing gear and tackle are included in the price of your charter, along with the fishing license for the day. The main stars of these waters are catch and release only, but there are some tasty fish that can be kept. The captain will let you know which fish you’re allowed to take home.

Trips can be anywhere from four hours to multiple days, depending on what you’re fishing for and how far off the beaten track you want to go. The longer trips are best suited for experienced anglers.

Traveling anglers will cherish their experience fishing in Argentina, testing their skills on the fly and breaking their personal bests for inshore fishing!


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Join in the Gualeguaychu Carnival for nine weekends from January to February. This is a huge festival that almost rivals the carnival in Rio!


Head outside and watch the performers in the Tango Festival this month. Or head to the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia in Mendoza for the wine festival.


The Tilcara Carnival is something you have to experience to believe. See a devil figure dug up and then reburied after much festivity…


Catch a film at the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival. Tickets sell fast so get yours quickly.


May 25 is a national holiday in Argentina celebrating La Revolución de Mayo – the May Revolution from 1810. Catch a parade and enjoy the festivities.


This is the beginning of the winter in Argentina. This is the last month you can catch Golden Dorado until September.


On land, celebrate Argentina’s Independence Day. Temperatures drop to 46̊F and all inshore fishing grinds to a halt.


Get tickets in advance to the Mundial de Tango – the world championship of tango. Watch the pros battle it out to amazing music in incredible costumes.


Temperatures can reach 67˚F this month. Fishing for Golden Dorado is possible again from September.


Yes, you’re in Argentina, but that shouldn't stop you from going to Oktoberfest! Enjoy Bavarian dancing, food, and plenty of beer.


Fishing for Brown Trout picks up this month. Enjoy the Buenos Aires Gay Pride, a beautiful rainbow-colored party of acceptance and love with over 250,000 visitors!


December offers excellent fishing for both Golden Dorado and Brown Trout. This is spring in Argentina with temperatures hitting an average of 82°F.

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Fishing Trips in Buenos Aires
Fishing Trips in Buenos Aires
Fishing charter in Caba
5.0 / 5
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OK so I started my day picked up at the hotel at 7:30 in the morning. And I made our way through the city. End up in the marina. We Started are day trolling for cat fish lost a monster but ended up catching two that I wanted . Well worth the trip .
Alexander  C.
Alexander C. Naples, FL