Fishing in Panamá

The word 'Panama' means “abundance of fish”, and this Central American country surely continues to live up to its name. With over 250 fishing records set in these waters, and ample opportunities for both offshore and inshore angling, Panama remains one of the most complete fishing destinations in the Western Hemisphere.

Known For

Panama Canal, Isla Taboga, Pearl Island, Year-round fishing potential, Boquette valley, The Marlin Trifecta (Blue, Black and Striped), Volcan Baru, Santa Catalina world-class surfing, Intense inshore fishing action, Kuna indigenous population, Coiba National Marine Park, Spearfishing affinity, Scuba Diving in Bocas del Toro, Bollo Tamales, Gallo Pinto national dish, Peacock Bass lake fishing.

Rules & Regulations

No fishing permits are required to fish in Panama. However, a boat that is used for fishing must have an up-to-date permit. Shark fishing in general is still somewhat accepted in Panama. There is no catch limit enforced for any of the big game species.
The catching, killing or eating of billfish (especially sailfish) is frowned upon, although such actions remain legal.

Types of Fishing

Trophy-sized billfish, Bottom fishing for Giant Grouper, Snappers and Jacks, Catching Dorado or Sailfish on the fly, Ample Monster Tuna fishing year-round, Lengthy Wahoo seasons, Inshore fishing for mighty Cubera and Roosterfish, Peackock Bass fishing in Lake Gatun

Panamá Fishing Calendar