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Best Fishing Charters in Toronto

Top Fishing Charters in Toronto

Fishing in Toronto

Canada’s largest city has more than enough fishing to go around. Toronto fishing charters take groups onto Lake Ontario to catch Trout, Salmon, Walleye, and more. Shore anglers explore islands and parks in search of Carp, Catfish, and Black Bass. You certainly have plenty of species to choose from, with three Salmons, three Trouts, and a whole host of other fish species. It seems like there’s as much going on on the water as off it!

Types of Fishing

There are a lot of ways to enjoy fishing in Toronto. Toronto fishing spots range from the depths of Lake Ontario to the Credit River to parks and ponds within the city itself. What you catch will depend on how you fish, but you will find great battles all over the Greater Toronto Area.

Charter Fishing

If you’re after the biggest and tastiest fish around, your best bet is to jump aboard a charter boat and head out onto the lake. Boats usually go into the water in April and are out again by November ahead of the freeze. Depending on when you fish, you can catch several species of Salmon and Trout, as well as Walleye and tasty panfish like Yellow Perch.

Shore Fishing

Toronto’s shoreline has loads of spots to wet a line. Toronto Islands and Tommy Thompson Park are a couple of the best-known areas, but there are plenty of ponds right inside the city itself. The Toronto urban fishing scene has been growing every year, with anglers finding new places to take on Bass, Carp, Catfish, and more.

Ice Fishing

The best ice fishing Toronto has access to is up on Lake Simcoe, an hour north of town. This may be stretching the boundaries of the GTA, but the lake is one of the best winter spots for Walleye and Yellow Perch. Otherwise, head out onto Lake Ontario if the ice is thick enough and catch some tasty fish a stone’s throw from the city!

Toronto Fish Species


Chinook and Coho Salmon both thrive in Lake Ontario. Atlantic Salmon have also been reintroduced here but have never really stabilized since they were wiped out in the ‘30s. The best Salmon fishing Toronto has to offer is in the spring and fall. From late-April through mid-May they start to show up in the west of Lake Ontario. They return in force September through November, especially around the mouth of the Credit River.


Steelhead, Brown, and Lake Trout are the main targets of when Trout fishing in Toronto. Again, the hottest action happens out on the lake, either in the shallows in spring, or further offshore in the summer. Trout also make their way up the Credit River and can be caught throughout the winter if you can take the cold. 

Walleye and Yellow Perch

You can spend a wonderful day out on Lake Erie fishing for one or both of these species. Yellow Perch are quite easy to catch and taste delicious, making them perfect for kids and beginners. Walleye are more of a force to be reckoned with, but they can still be great fun for family groups. Both these species can be caught from thaw to frost, and all throughout winter if you head out onto the ice.

Black Bass

You can catch Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in ponds and streams all around the GTA, as well as in Lake Ontario itself. Torontonians enjoy a solid six months of fishing in the city’s parks and around Toronto Islands. They’re closed for harvest for the first half of the year, though.

And More!

Carp, Northern Pike, White Perch, Black Crappie – there’s no end to what you can catch here. If you’re after a specific species, fishing with a guide will save you a lot of time and wasted baits. If you just want to wet a line and land a fish or two, grab your rod and head to the nearest park, you’re bound to find something!

Toronto Fishing Techniques

Toronto fishing charters focus on trolling to bring in a lot of different species The best way to target Salmon is by trolling spoons and plugs. You will often be using downriggers or planer boards to get to the fish, but you can also try flatlining when the waters are cooler and the fish aren’t so deep. Fishing for Trout is much the same, with different species reacting best to minnows, spinners, and various other lures. Crankbaits and spinner rigs are great for catching Walleye on the troll especially with a little scent added to wake up these keen-nosed hunters.
It’s not all trolling here, though. Salmon, Trout, and Bass are epic on the fly, and jigging for Perch or Walleye can really give you the edge when the fish go deep in the summer. All that jigging practice will come in handy come winter when you’ll be bouncing flash spoons and swimming lures for Walleye, Perch, Trout, and even Pike. There’s always something new to try on Toronto fishing trips!

Need to Know

Anglers planning to fish multiple days will need to buy an “Outdoors Card” and a “sport fishing” or “conservation fishing” license before they can get out on the water. If you are fishing for only one day, you can make do with just a one-day sport fishing license. 
The waters around Toronto fall into different Fisheries Management Zones (FMZs) depending on where you fish. These may have different closed seasons and catch limits, which can change year on year. Your guide should be up to date on all the local fishing laws.
Toronto is a city with so much going on it seems difficult to scratch the surface. The same can be said of the area’s fishing. We have covered the main styles and species you can expect, but the only real way to get to know these waters is to experience them yourself. So whether you’re visiting on business, taking a vacation, or even moving to the area, spend some time on Toronto’s waters and discover a whole new side to Canada’s greatest city.
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Toronto Fishing Seasons

There’s plenty of action beneath the ice, with Walleye, Yellow Perch, Trout, and more waiting below. If you don’t want to work for your food, head to the Winterlicious food festival instead!

Brave the cold and head onto the ice to enjoy Canada’s winter specialty technique. Target anything from Perch to Pike on Lake Ontario, or make the journey to Lake Simcoe for some real monsters.

By the middle of March, smaller bodies of water will start to melt, letting you finally get at all those fish hiding below. Trout, Perch, and Walleye are all on the cards this time of year.

Boats finally go back in the water on Lake Ontario. Head out for some early-season Salmon and Trout fishing and head home with a delicious dinner. Walleye are off limits in April.

The season is in full swing, with Salmon, Trout, Walleye, and Perch all biting hard. The Bass bite warms up a little slower, but you can still get some great battles in this time of year.

Bass season is finally open, and anglers across the city are heading out in search of this season’s record. Catch some fish then enjoy one of the many music festivals going on this month.

The Toronto Fringe Festival is the city’s largest theatrical event. Check out some incredible performances after a day battling Walleye, Perch, Trout, and Bass.

As the waters warm, Salmon move out to deeper, American waters. Walleye and Perch head offshore, too, but you can still jig up your limits of both in a day! The Bass bite is amazing in August.

Watch daring stunts at the Canadian International Air Show, or hit the water for a show of acrobatics from Bass, Trout, Salmon, and Pike! There’s plenty to keep you busy in September.

The weather has cooled by October, but the fishing is still on fire! Pike, Perch, Walleye, Bass, Trout, Salmon – all your favorite fish are back in shallower water, just begging for a lure to bite on.

Bigger boats come out of the water, but you can still get in some great Walleye and Perch fishing. The Toronto Santa Claus Parade is one of the biggest events of its type, and well worth seeing.

Lake Ontario starts to freeze over this time of year, but it still has a long way to go before you can go ice fishing. Target Bass and Pike from the small boats that are still running, instead.

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Top Targeted Species in Toronto

Salmon (Chinook)

Salmon (Chinook)

Salmon (Coho)

Salmon (Coho)

Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

Salmon (Atlantic)

Salmon (Atlantic)

Brown Trout

Brown Trout

Lake Trout

Lake Trout

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