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Fishing in Boca Grande

When a sleepy coastal village manages to secure and retain the coveted title of the 'Tarpon Capital of the World' for more than a hundred years, there's really little else that could better demonstrate its value to the silver king fanatics everywhere. But for any fisherfolk whose healthy skepticism can only be explained by the fact that they have yet to test the notorious Boca Grande pass firsthand, here are a couple of additional information to keep in mind. A typical peak Tarpon season in Boca Grande lasts for about 80 days during the spring and summer months, generating an average of 5000 of these inshore gladiators landed each year. A median catch runs between 80 and 120lbs, but for all of you hungry for a record, monsters breaching the 200 mark are definitely around as well. Hooking a Poon in these waters is so common, this is one of the very few places in the world you are ever going to find a 'No Tarpon No Pay' guarantee, flaunted by some of the local experts. In fact, the Boca fishery has been blessed with prolific Tarpon fishing for so long, the first records of hooking the fish in the area date all the way back to the late 1700s and the first British settlers. What that means is that, whether you like it or not, you're never only fishing in Boca: you are literally engaging in one of the city's oldest living traditions - and boy is it a fun one.

Known For

Gasparilla Island State Park, Boca Grande Lighthouse Museum, Englewood Beach, Golfing haven, Rear Range Lighthouse, Boca Grande Beach, Stump Pass Beach State Park, Boca Grande Historical Society and Museum, Shelling paradise, Tarpon fishing in the Boca Grande Pass, Gasparilla Maritime Museum, Caya Costa State Park

Rules & Regulations

A fishing license is not required for anglers fishing aboard a guided boat or a for-hire charter, as long as the vessel has a valid charter captain or charter boat permit.