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Located at the mouth of the mighty St Johns River, Jacksonville fishing charters specialize in both saltwater and freshwater fishing. With rivers, inlets, offshore wrecks, and so much more, just about every type of maritime feature can be found in these parts. The opportunities here are endless all you have to do is get on the water!

These waters are home to bonafide monsters, with record-breaking Mackerel coming in alongside big Cobia, huge Redfish, and even impressive sizes of Largemouth Bass. Inshore, you’ll also stumble upon Flounder, Black Drum, Bluefish, and Sheepshead, as you peruse the scenic shallow waterways. The Gulf Stream is also certain to get the adrenaline pumping with Sailfish, Wahoo, and Blackfin Tuna waiting offshore.

No matter what, there’s never going to be enough time in the day to see everything Jacksonville has to offer. However, even if your time is limited to just an afternoon, the St Johns River can still show you plenty of action. Extend your trip by a couple of hours and you’ll also be able to get to the Intracoastal Waterway or the rich reefs nearshore. Finally, for Gulf Stream adventures, you’ll want to book nothing short of a full day!

After you’ve picked your target and the type of fishing you’d like to try, you’ll want to find a charter that best fits your needs. At the mouth of St Johns River, you’ll find charters ready to take you offshore, while moving further inland, there will be more guides who specialize in the area’s inshore fishery.


Rules & Regulations

Guests aboard a guided boat do not need to buy a fishing license for saltwater fishing, since charters in Jacksonville cover this for you. However, if you’re fishing in freshwater or on some public piers, shorelines, and bridges, you’ll need to have the appropriate fishing license.

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The best thing about fishing in Jacksonville in January is that although it may be cold, the water is very clear. Fishing inshore is great for Sheepshead and Bluefish, while Black Sea Bass is being caught on the offshore reefs.


Battle the colder weather and get out on the water. Look for Redfish schooling in the creeks, around the jetties, and in the Intracoastal Waterway. Black Drum and Sheepshead are also biting well.


March is the month of big Black Drum in Jacksonville, and most inshore charters will devote a lot of time to catching and releasing the bigger breeding fish. With the water heating up, this is a great time to get out and about.


Winter fishing is now well and truly behind us and the warmer waters attract bait and a great variety of fish. Head out with light tackle and target Ladyfish, Spanish Mackerel, and Jack Crevalle. Look for Cobia at the end of the month.


The fishing picks up even more. Spanish Mackerel, Ladyfish, and Redfish are all biting inshore, while Cobia is in full swing nearshore. Fan of big fish and small boats? Don't miss the Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic.


The ocean water warms up, nearly hitting the 80s mark. Saltwater moves up the river, meaning Redfish and Trout can be caught up to 20 miles upstream. Nearshore, look for Kingfish, Cobia, and Tarpon within 9-10 miles. 


Be quick on your toes in Jacksonville in July. Fish in the morning to miss the storms and look for Sharks and Tarpon in the inlet and Bull Redfish in St Johns River. Don't miss the Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament!


August means big fish and excitement in Jacksonville. What it doesn't necessarily mean is lots of eating fish. Charters this month will often involve battling with mighty Sharks nearshore or Bull Redfish in the inlet.


Fishing starts to diversify again in September. Look out for Tarpon in large numbers as they school from Fernadina to Matansaz Inlet. Offshore, Sailfish is biting 25 miles out.


In October, there are two words on the lips of every angler in Jacksonville: Bull Redfish. Big Reds are spawning in the flats - watch out for their spotted tails as you pole or wade towards them and practice your cast.


November is a great time to fish in Jacksonville. As the waters cool, the baitfish gather together as they begin their southerly migration. This attracts a large number of enjoyable inshore species, as well as the big Redfish.


With Redfish in clear waters and Sheepshead and Black Drum around the jetties, there's plenty to take your bait. And with plenty going on nearshore and offshore, the festive season will be far from boring.

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Full Day
Derek F. fished with Fishbuster Charters on September 26, 2020
Read the suggested things to bring so you'll be prepared
Half day with captain bill had a blast very cool experience.
Tommy C. fished with Hooker Charters & Guide Service on May 23, 2020
Be patient when setting your hook, some fish you just have to let them go with it a pick up and real instead of snatching
3/4 day trip with Captain Dennis
Stephen B. fished with Sea Dancer Charters on March 19, 2020
There are lots of choices, so choose what you're most interested in.
Half day with Richard Bloom
Andy L. fished with Northeast Florida Fishing Charters on July 31, 2019
Book a private charter it's a much better experience.
July fishing trip
Robert M. fished with Sea Dancer Charters on July 15, 2019
I watched this guy work with other captains who were much younger than him and obviously have learned from him. They have a community that work with one another to help each other catch the best that they can catch. This is the guy to go for.
Half day with CPT David
Vonce I. fished with Backwater Fishing Adventures on July 13, 2019
The type of fishing we did was backwater with a depth from 3ft to 20ft. The fishing in the backwater was better than expected. So, yes I would recommend fishing in Jacksonville.
Half day with caption Dennis
Mela S. F. fished with Team Buck Rogers Fishing Charters on July 5, 2019
Worth the money and experience deep sea fishing
Full day trip with Captain Robert
Scott M. fished with Fishbuster Charters on June 16, 2019
Make sure you have a helper. When they get to biting, it can be one after another. Always good to be able to keep up.

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