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Top Fishing Charters in hackberry

Fishing in hackberry

The Bayou State, the Pelican State, or just simply the Sportsman's Paradise – whatever you decide to call it, Louisiana is definitely one of the top sportfishing destinations on the Gulf Coast. Located in the southwestern part of the state, on the west shore of Calcasieu Lake, Hackberry embodies the best of the best that the Creole State has to offer. Even the most hardcore anglers can find a challenge here. Come spend a little time in Hackberry, LA fishing the waters that locals call the "Speckled Trout Capital of the World." 

Hackberry Fishing Spots

Shallows, mangroves, bays, canals, brackish lakes, and of course, the great Gulf of Mexico – the list of productive fisheries in the area will impress any angling enthusiast. Hackberry fishing is usually synonymous with exploring Calcasieu Lake, Black Lake, and the Gulf, but this is just the beginning. Hackberry fishing charters might also take you to test the bite on the Calcasieu Ship Channel, Lake Charles, Intercoastal Canal, West Cove, Prien Lake, and Moss Lake. You'll be targeting "The Holy Trinity:" Redfish, Trout, and Flounder, but there's plenty of other fish in these prolific waters, as well. You can also go after Sheepshead, Tripletail, and Cobia, along with a variety of freshwater species. You just need to know where to look, or simply book a trip with some of the experienced local captains. 

Calcasieu Lake

Hackberry fishing wouldn't be what it is without Calcasieu Lake, also known as “the Big Lake” among locals. Surrounded by marshland, dotted with oyster reefs, and famous for its trophy Speckled Trout, this brackish lake measures around 80 square miles and averages 4–6 feet in depth. Calcasieu Lake is a multiple Trout record-holder – three out of 10 Louisiana Trout records originated here. Specks on the lake can often weigh 5–8 pounds, but 9–11 lb specimens are not uncommon. 
Large schools of Redfish can be found in abundance, along with delicious Flounder. Brown and white shrimp are inhabitants of the lake as well. Redfishing is incredible throughout the year and Flounder are usually caught during the same trips. Apart from these species, Calcasieu Lake will give you the chance to come face-to-gills with Sheepshead, Cobia, Black Drum, and Tripletail. Whether you're focusing on the marshes, intercoastal areas, or oil rig hot spots, Calcasieu Lake has you covered. 

Black Lake

Located only 4.7 miles west of Hackberry, Black Lake is another good option, especially if you want to try something completely different compared to Calcasieu Lake. Unlike chasing after Reds, Specks, and Flounder in most of the Calcasieu Estuary fisheries, Black Lake will have you focusing on other species. Here you'll find Striped, Smallmouth, and Largemouth Bass, along with Walleye, Catfish, Rainbow Trout, Pike, Perch, and much more. Spinning, fly fishing, and baitcasting are the most popular techniques on the lake – choose your weapon and get ready to fight. Just make sure that the stream is open for fishing before booking a trip.

Gulf of Mexico

In addition to its incredible inland fisheries, Hackberry offers Gulf fishing trips as well. Before passing the marches, Calcasieu Ship Channel enters the Gulf at Calcasieu Pass, south of Calcasieu Lake. Lined with a 2 mile-long stretch of rock jetties, the Pass attracts schools of fish, especially during summer. Monster Trout can be caught in the Gulf during mid and late summer, moving into colder waters. Fishing for them is especially productive near oil platforms. Redfish and Flounder can also be found in these waters, along with Cobia, Tripletail, and more. And if you want to venture even further out into the Gulf, the possibilities are endless. 

Hackberry Fishing Tips

  • Most of the Hackberry fishing guides use both artificial and live bait. When it comes to live bait, shrimps are especially popular, along with croakers, pinfish, and mullets.
  • If you want to focus on catching the trophy Trout this area is famous for, you'll need bigger bait than usual. Specks over 3–4 pounds will usually be hungry for fish rather than shrimp. Pinfish, menhaden, mullets, croakers, and even juvenile Trout is what they'll go for. Topwater baits are also a good option. Pro tip: look for schools of big Redfish when searching for big Trout – they’re usually found swimming nearby. 
  • Light tackle is almost the default option in the area. Depending on the targeted species and the fishery, you can try your hand at spinning, fly fishing, drifting, jigging, popping, and bottom fishing. 


Need to Know


A Basic Fishing License is required for all fishermen age 16 and older who want to keep their catch. In addition to that, you'll need a LA Saltwater License if you decide to go after saltwater species. 


If you want to go on a full-day trip, eight hours on the water will cost you $600–$750 for a party of four. Half-day trips take 4–5 hours and will usually make your wallet $500–$550 lighter. 

Getting There

Located three-and-a-half hours from New Orleans and two-and-a-half hours from Houston, Hackberry is easily accessible by car via I-10. You can also use Louisiana State Highway 27 if you're coming from the direction of Holly Beach on the south or Sulphur on the north. Flying in? Your best choice would be Lake Charles Regional Airport, located 33 miles from Hackberry. Your other option is Jack Brooks Regional Airport, located 68 miles away in Beaumont.
Whether you're looking to land that larger-than-life Trout or have an unforgettable day on the water with your family, you can't go wrong with Hackberry, LA fishing. 
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hackberry Fishing Seasons

Redfishing in January is usually amazing regardless of the location. Redfish and Trout can often be found on the mud flats. West Cove and Joe's Cove are especially productive.
February can be freezing, but Redfishing is still on fire! They can be caught anywhere from flats to deeper waters. This is usually the prime Trout season, too.
March is usually the best time to catch that trophy Trout – don't miss the chance to reel in your next personal best. You can also go for Reds. 
April can be windy, but it brings great Redfishing. Reds are found in the southern part of Calcasieu Lake, while the largest specimens are swimming in schools near the center of the lake. 
Trout fishing in May can be incredible – catching fish bigger than 2–3 pounds is not uncommon. Reds can also be found in abundance, grab as many as you can!
This is the perfect time if you want to limit out on Trout. Reds are usually found in the marshes and close to shore in the bay. 
Both Redfish and Trout are extremely abundant during July. Deeper waters of the ship channel tend to be the most productive areas. Go for soft plastics or live shrimp. 
August is the perfect time for limiting out on Reds and Specks. Large schools of both Redfish and Trout can be found in the lake – look for the birds to locate them.
Fishing for Reds in the lake can be very productive in September, as well as Trout fishing. Gulf fishing can also be amazing – fish are coming closer to shore.
This is fall fishing at its best! Schools of Trout and Redfish are found feeding under diving seagulls. The fall Flounder run finally starts – don't miss the chance to land these delicious fish!
Fall fishing is peaking, with Flounder action consistently great throughout the month, especially in the ship channel. Speckled Trout can also be found if you look for feeding birds. 
Flounder fishing is slowing down as the waters are getting colder. Trout can still be found on the flats, but most of them will move to deeper waters. 

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What People Are Saying About hackberry

"November fishing trip"

Waylon S. fished with Clark Charters on November 10, 2018

if its windy and cold and the lake is dirty dont go. if its just cold and water is clear go get on some speckled trout, its a blast. flownder are running in november and the redfishing is usually always good. its a big lake and alot of water to cover so i would get a map of the area or fish with someone that knows the area well.

"First class Exeperience "

Kevin G. fished with Tidal Charters LLC on July 17, 2018

Be prepared to cook plenty of fish when you leave Hackberry!

"Redfish, Sheepshead, Blue Crabs "

Paul H. fished with Clark Charters on March 21, 2018

Hackberry was nice and peaceful. There is only one hotel, the Mainstay Suites & it is a very good one great for several days with kitchenette suites. There are no restaurants but the hotel does continental breakfast. They done complimentary light suppers both nights I was there. I went down highway 27 towards the gulf and went crabbing. There are many places to bank fish & crab. There is a store that sells about anything you may need for food supplies and fishing tackle. My experience with my guide, hotel & staff, & some other nice tourists I met was all good. I had a good time visiting. My only purpose was fishing & crabbing. I recommend this for what I done. I would certainly recommend it to travelers who are working there to bring the whole family with them.

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Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout

Black Drum

Black Drum



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