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Perched between Matagorda Bay to the north and Espiritu Santo Bay to the south lies the small town of Port O’Connor. Several hurricanes leveled the town in the past century, but its industrious denizens would always rebuild and start again. The Texan can-do attitude is especially present in the angling scene, making Port O’Connor fishing a real treat in this part of the Gulf.

Known For

Fishing and hunting are the two main pastimes around here. Sure the town itself is small, but the local fishing grounds are anything but. Matagorda Island with its sizeable Redfish population is just a couple of miles away, a quintessential Texas inshore fishing experience. On the other hand, more ambitious anglers are free to head straight into the Gulf of Mexico and try their luck.

Inshore Fishing

The inshore waters of Port O’Connor easily lend themselves to various types of fishing. For example, a lot of local anglers are fans of kayak fishing because of the narrow waterways near Matagorda Island. Of course, there’s no shortage of fishing charters sporting proper big boats that can take a whole family on the water for a day to remember.

As with other popular locales in the Lone Star State, expect lots of Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, and Black Drum in the inshore waters. Matagorda Bay is especially well-regarded for its population of big Trout and serene fishing environment. There’s hardly any pollution here, which would explain why so many fish flock here every year.

Nearshore and Offshore Fishing

One thing anglers love about fishing deeper waters in Texas is that Red Snapper season stays open year-round. Port O’Connor is no exception in this case. Thanks to this, fishing within 9 miles in state waters will get you a long way if you’re after a delicious catch. And when the federal season opens, things get even better!

While great in its own right, Red Snapper is far from the only fish to target offshore. Popular Gulf mainstays like Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, and Amberjack will keep you on your toes during a visit to the deep blue.

Port O’Connor Fishing Tips

  • The local bays make Port O’Connor a perfect place to be drifting or wading for Specks. Soft plastic lures and shrimp are your best bet when bay fishing.
  • You can fish for Flounder with a regular rod and reel combo, but why miss out on the sheer fun that is gigging in the evening?
  • Yellowfin Tuna will often come closer to the surface after sunset. This means stocking up on floaters and fishing in the evening is a perfectly valid tactic.

Need to Know

Looking to hook that one species you’ve always dreamed of? Check out our Port O’Connor fishing calendar and book a trip when you’ll have the best shot at the catch of a lifetime!


Port O’Connor fishing charters usually don’t provide you with a fishing license, which means you’ll have to buy one before the trip. Be sure to also get a Redfish tag if you’re looking to keep Bull Reds, of which there’s quite a few. You can opt for a single-day license or one for consecutive days if you’re in it for the long haul.


The price of an inshore fishing charter usually runs at around $400 for a half day trip and $500–$600 for a full day. Offshore trips are much more diverse, with every captain trying to have the most unique and exciting packages. You can expect multi-day trips to the Gulf to run at around $2,000 per day.

Getting There

State Highway 185 is the only one leading to Port O’Connor, which makes sense considering its remote location. If you’re coming from San Antonio you should take the US 87 to Victoria, where you can then switch to SH 185. Anglers from Houston would do best to take the US 35 and make the switch to SH 185 at Port Lavaca. You could say Port O’Connor is quite fittingly placed at the very frontier, patiently waiting to shower you with amazing fishing.

Port O'Connor
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Port O'Connor Fishing Seasons

The start of the year is as solid as it gets in these parts. Whether it’s Specks, Redfish, or Black Drum, you can get a lot of work done with a skilled guide.

February is usually reserved for Speckled Trout fishing. They’ll be big, numerous, and generally unfazed by the windy conditions on the water.

As the temperatures slowly start to rise, we welcome spring fishing in Port O’Connor with open arms. Specks and Sheepshead are the flavors of the day, with some Jacks thrown into the mix as well.

The weather in April can be unpredictable, but that shouldn’t interfere with fishing too much. Redfish and Speckled Trout remain the main targets for inshore anglers.

This time of year usually means viable offshore fishing. Amberjack will be all over the deep waters, along with Kingfish and increasing numbers of Mahi Mahi.

June tends to mark the start of federal Red Snapper season, meaning everybody will be trying to land as many of the bottom feeders as they possibly can!

It’s a great time to be fishing pretty much anywhere! Whether it’s inshore for Redfish or nearshore and offshore for Snapper, Kingfish, and Mahi Mahi, your work’s cut out for you.

It’s hot outside, but there’s also plenty of fish to catch. Mahi Mahi and Kingfish rule the offshore, while Specks reign in more shallow waters.

September is a great time to try your hand at Tuna fishing. Blackfins and Yellowfins will keep you very busy if you play your cards right.

The Redfish bite is so hot this time of year that the local jokingly call it “Red October.” Join the hunt in the inshore waters and hook up some Bull Reds.

If going after Blue Marlin in the deep blue sounds like something up your alley, go for it! Alternatively, it’s a great time for some Flounder gigging.

Winter has set in and the inshore waters are very clear, making it a perfect time to do some sight casting inshore. A special treat for the fly anglers out there!

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Black Drum

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Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout

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King Mackerel (Kingfish)

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