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Durban fishing charters have a lot to offer to anglers both local and from abroad. The city’s extensive beaches are matched by equally extensive fertile fishing grounds. This city is big, and has even bigger game. It is blessed with a warm subtropical climate, long stretches of sandy beaches, and, you guess, numerous rich fishing spots.

Whatever the city has seen throughout history, and it has seen a lot, it is now one of the busiest and biggest cities in Africa facing the Indian Ocean. Which, again brings us to fishing. There are fishing opportunities around the harbor and in the ‘mini deep’, as local charters call it, meaning nearshore. But, if you go to Australia to land Barramundi or Marlin, you’d come to Durban to head offshore.

Known For

As you run or ride a bike down the Golden Mile, you can’t help but wonder what fish swims out there. Thousands of sun-worshippers and surfers flock to Durban’s long-stretching beachfront. The golden sand is separated by numerous piers, and there you can enjoy your day out immersed in a number of water activities. From surfing to sunbathing or diving, it’s all there within your reach. If you ask us, we’d board a boat and go on a fishing trip. And what a variety there is—from harbour waters to bay fishing, and all the way out to cobalt blue waters. It’s hard not to get hyped with all the fish swimming around.

Durban fishing charters know how to cater to both novice fishermen and pro anglers. As a rule of thumb, families with kids choose harbor fishing and mini deep seas, and leave the big game to more seasoned anglers. Out there, the ocean can sometimes be choppy, so it’s best to have a local skipper show you how to present the lures.

The fishing season here is great year round, yet some months are maybe more opportune for a tête-à-tête with the Yellowfin Tuna or Billfish. The summers are humid and hot, while winters are pleasant and snow-free. Billfish appear already in January, and this is a great first step in any angler’s new fishing season. Durban charters attract scores of tourists and locals who head out to test their luck and skills.

Now, for some good fishing spots in Durban. If you head out to La Lucia Wreck you may catch Shad or Garrick. Their numbers are high in winter and spring. Umhlanga Rocks have shallow waters, so your outing may be a hit and miss if you’re looking for some of the more ‘exotic’ specimens.

Durban is South Africa’s go-to fishery for a reason. Marlin frequent these waters and any sign of Bonitos hints that the gargantuan fish will follow close. Even on a five hour trip, you can catch some nice Yellowfin. After a rainfall, you might need to head out a bit further to reach the clean waters and then cast your lures for Skipjack Tuna. You might even be caught off guard by Bludger Trevally.

Rules & Regulations

Generally speaking, you need to make sure you’re up to date with the regulations. A lot is done to preserve the marine life. There are tag and release programs you can take part in. If you’re fishing with a skipper, you can ask about the concerns you might have. Most of them are professionals and know what is allowed. You do need to have a recreational fishing license when coming onboard. They are available in post offices, although some skippers can purchase them for you.

Types of Fishing

Let’s go straight to the right spot. If you want to get Marlin or big Tuna, trolling is a great method here. Using live bait is often productive, and luckily you can get those readily hooked on an average day. If you do go after Marlin, Skipjack Tuna (Bonito) might be a good weapon of choice. You’d probably spend a while trolling for them, and after dozens are caught, you can head further out to entice Marlin. The safest choice is a full day trip, but Marlin have been caught within first couple of hours at times. Mahi Mahi are always fun to catch, and here is no different than elsewhere.

You can also get Sailfish, and the fight can last for an hour or more. They mostly frequent the deep seas when the water temperature goes down. Big Yellowfin Tuna won’t give in easily on light tackle, and after you switch trolling for a harness and try reeling her in, be careful that she doesn’t get off.

A bit closer to the shore you can get King Mackerel, locally known as Couta. Trolling with live bait should do the trick. Then, you also have Shad, Rockod, Kob, Natal Stumpnose, Garrick (especially in late winter and early spring).

Spotted Grunter await in brackish waters of estuaries and lagoons, especially in St. Lucia estuary during spring. They are skittish and you must present your lure diligently. Light tackle and sea lice, prawns, and cracker shrimps are the best method to go about them.

Pompano readily strike artificial jigs, and spinning works well for them.

When you reach the limits fishing from a boat, you can still head to the coast for some surf fishing. Light tackle fishermen will find plenty of species there.

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Things don’t need time to heat up here. Wahoo, Sailfish, and Mahi are available offshore. The wind might be strong, but if you’re patient enough, a late start can yield the prize. Black, Blue, and Striped Marlin can be found.


The big game is still on. Black or Blue, Marlin are the headline of the month, followed by Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, and Sailfish.


Great times for deep sea lovers. The big game season is still on, and you can troll for Mahi, Sailfish, Blue and Black Marlin, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, and Bonito.


You can go bottom fishing for small species inshore, or head out to try and land a Yellowfin Tuna. Further out, Bonito and Mahi are on the chew.


First go troll for Couta using live bait. The deep seas may not provide the desired result on your date, but mostly Yellowfin Tuna will give in to trolling.


With some luck, you will be seeing yellow fins of a Tuna on an average day. Things aren’t always a bag of goodies when you fish in June.


The temperature drops and the fishing can be a bit slow around the harbor. You can get Gerrick, Couta, and may come across Stingray. Freshwaters and estuaries are solid.


It can get really cold, so layers of clothes might be a good idea. Still, you can catch Mackerel, or go bottom fishing for a variety of Bream. Whales swimming by are a common sight.


The temperature is picking up. There might be rains, and it takes some time for the waters to clear up. But that won’t prevent Bonitos from coming after your lure.


This is not the safest bet for game fish, but you might get a Tuna further out. Garrick are also an option if you’re into it.


Dorado are jumping around, so get your trolling gear ready. Bonito make for a decent catch, just watch out so a Shark doesn’t snatch them away.


Mahi are to be found offshore, and the big game is out there, picking up before entering the sport fishing stage in January. You might find Striped Marlin.

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