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Canada Salmon (Chinook) Fishing Charters

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Salmon (Chinook) Fishing in Canada

Salmon (Chinook)
  • Size 10-50 lbs
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Inshore, Lake, River, Nearshore

(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

The world class Salmon fishing Canada yields each year is legendary. Between thousands of miles of coastline and countless rivers and lakes, this vast country lays claim to 6 iconic species, each with its own reputation among die-hard anglers.

No species is more revered than the mighty Chinook (King) Salmon, which can easily top 60 lbs and is known to reach almost 100 lbs on occasion. Chinook weighing 30 lbs or more earn the title of Tyee and a newfound status among sport fishermen here, who have entire clubs and tournaments dedicated to landing one of these brutes.

Coho (Silver) Salmon have their own bragging rights, as they are known as the most acrobatic and determined of all Pacific Salmon species. Meanwhile, Sockeye (Red) Salmon claim the title of tastiest. Of course, Pink, Chum, and Atlantic Salmon all have their merits, too! With a variety of stunning waters to choose from and myriad ways to catch these fish, it’s no wonder why Salmon fishing in Canada has fascinated anglers worldwide.

Where to Fish for Pacific Salmon

For the biggest, hardest fighting, and most delicious Salmon species in the world, head to British Columbia. Here you can hook into all 5 kinds of Pacific Salmon, in a number of rivers and seaside locations. Haida Gwaii in the north produces some of the province’s biggest Tyees each summer, typically in May or June and again in August.

In terms of shere variety, however, Vancouver Island can’t be beat. In addition to a year-round feeder Chinook population, this massive island hosts millions of migratory Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Pink, and Chum Salmon each year. BC Salmon season starts when mature Chinook arrive, typically in May or June. As summer rolls on, Coho make their entrance, followed by Sockeye, Pink, and Chum Salmon in the hottest months. Top Salmon fishing spots on Vancouver Island include Campbell River, Port Alberni, Tofino, Sooke, and Victoria.

The Great Lakes

Some of Canada’s most accessible Salmon fishing waters can be found in the Great Lakes. Lakes Superior, Huron, and Ontario host healthy supplies of Chinook and Coho Salmon, and it’s not uncommon for charter boats in nearby U.S. states to make their way to the Canadian side of these lakes when the bite is best there. These species are at their peak from May through September.

Canadian Salmon Fishing Techniques


Trolling is the most common Salmon fishing technique, from the depths of the Great Lakes to the offshore fishing grounds in BC. How deep you troll and the gear you use can vary widely depending on the time of year and location. It’s typical to use 30 lb test line early in the season, and many anglers switch to heavier tackle when it’s time to reel in Tyees during late summer.

Herring, Anchovies, and Sardines are popular bait choices, along with lures such as spoons, plugs, and “hoochies” (a squidlike lure with a flasher).


Though its popularity is declining, “mooching” is a traditional method that many anglers in BC will tell you is tried and true. Some describe this technique as a form a drift fishing, while others treat it more like slow trolling, depending on where they’re from. Anglers in British Columbia use a long rod (around 10’) and a reel with several hundred yards of line. Using 2-6 ounce sinkers, they fish bait such as live or cut Herring close to the seafloor. In some cases, this method also works well in rivers where the current is strong enough.


“Bucktailing” is a highly specialized technique honed by anglers in and around Tofino, BC. Using a fly rod, anglers cast a bucktail behind a moving boat into the prop wash and troll it along the surface. This unique version of saltwater fly fishing is an effective way to target Coho and Chinook Salmon in protected waters roughly 15-40 feet deep.

Whether you find yourself in the secluded streams in the east, on the rolling waves off the coast of British Columbia, or anywhere in between, don’t miss your chance to experience the Salmon fishing Canada is famous for!

Canada Salmon (Chinook) Fishing Seasons

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Salmon (Chinook) fishing in Canada varies slightly throughout the year. High season is May to October. Low season is January to April and November to December. There is no closed season.
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