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Best Scallop Fishing Charters in Homosassa

Top Scallop Fishing Charters in Homosassa



  • Size 0.5-2 inches
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Low
  • Habitats Backcountry, Flats, Inshore

Scallop Fishing in Homosassa

If you’re eager to escape the summer heat, a little Homosassa Scalloping is just what the doctor ordered. Local anglers can’t get enough of this critter, and it’s easy to see why: Scallops are fun to catch, they taste great, and this is the best place to fish for them in all of Florida. All you need are adequate swimming skills and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

What to Expect while Scalloping

To a Scallop hunter, heaven looks a lot like Homosassa. Beds of seagrass dotted with sandy bald patches host healthy populations of this timid Shellfish, while the crystal clear water makes it easier to spot them.

Local Scalloping trips start with a scenic ride down the Homosassa River, featuring some of Florida’s most breathtaking scenery. Some charters last just several hours, while others can take the entire day. Longer trips usually include a stop by some prime swimming spots.

Your guide will bring you to the shallow waters where the Homosassa River meets the Gulf of Mexico. The crew will anchor the boat, put up the dive flag, and then send you on your way. There’s no rod or reel here—instead, you’ll be snorkeling in water 5-6 feet deep, grasping for Scallops with your bare hands or a small dip net. Fishing doesn’t get any more hands-on than this!

Keep an eye out for Scallops along the edges of grass beds and around sandy spots, where they’re more visible. They might try to make a run for it when they see you coming, but don’t worry—these little guys aren’t known for their speed or agility.

Once back on board, be sure to get your catch into the live bait well as fast possible. If the boat doesn’t have a live bait well, keep the Scallops on ice in a cooler. It’s crucial to make sure they stay separated from any melting ice and runoff, since exposure to fresh water can cause them to die.

Back on shore, you can clean the Scallops yourself or pay a modest fee to have them cleaned at a station by the docks. After that, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy this freshly caught delicacy. You’ll surely be hungry by then!

When to go Scalloping

The Scallop season in Homosassa usually opens in July and runs until mid or late September. Locals recommend booking a morning charter so you can beat the crowds (and the heat). You’re also less likely to get caught in a summer thunderstorm early in the day.

Bear in mind that the exact season for Scalloping can change from year to year, as well as size and bag limits. Your captain will tell you when the season is open, or you can check local regulations online ahead of time.

What to Bring

Bringing your swimsuit is a must, along with a towel. In some cases, you may need to bring your own mask, snorkel, and fins, but many Homosassa Scalloping charters provide these for you (additional fees may apply).

You may also want to carry a mesh bag to hold your catch, since Scallops can sometimes pinch. As always, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Need to Know

Anyone age 16 or older must have a Florida fishing license to go Scalloping. The good news is that all licensed charter boats in Homosassa include a license for their customers.

If you plan on fishing from your own boat, be sure to buy a license ahead of time. It’s also important to note that you cannot bring Scallops on board and then dock in a zone where harvest is prohibited.

The daily bag limit for recreational Scallop fishing is 2 gallons of whole Scallops (in their shells), or 1 pint of Scallop meat, per person. You should have no more than 10 gallons of whole Scallops on board at any time.

You may only harvest Scallops by hand or with a landing or dip net.



  • Size 0.5-2 inches
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Low
  • Habitats Backcountry, Flats, Inshore

Homosassa Scallop Fishing Seasons

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Scallop fishing in Homosassa is highly variable throughout the year. High season is July to September. Closed season is January to June and October to December.
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