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With a bittersweet taste in the mouth

July 05, 2016

Do you know those times when it is with a bittersweet taste in the mouth ??? We are still digesting the situation of the last week with a marlin captured by our friend Tom Ricci. In our attempt to… Read Full Report →

Fishing is only for man´s ???

May 15, 2016

When you think that fishing is a man´s thing ... well ,think twice !!! Our friend Maud from Holand beat everyone onboard , that is her day :) Read Full Report →

Report 23-05-2015..Finally we got it !!!

May 23, 2015

Report 23-05-2015 Finally we got it !!! Yesterday was a day of action in " Rabão " sportfishing vessel , finally have on the deck, the first tuna of the season ...not very high weight (40 kg) but motivated… Read Full Report →

Yesterday could have done a film skecth

April 10, 2015

Yesterday well could have done a film sketch on board of " Rabão " sportfishing vessel , since we have actors, producers ,Cameraman's , accredited barman's and also a friendly professional tattoo artist ... !!! The main actors were… Read Full Report →

Sometimes the days could be perfect !!!

April 04, 2015

Sometimes the days could be almost perfect !!! Yesterday we had one of those days aboard the Rabão sportfishing vessel, look of joy in a parent's face seeing her radiant Soon with the capture of some good specimens on… Read Full Report →

First flags on the outtriggers Oceantur

March 21, 2015

Coast trolling fishing ( 21-03-2015 ) aboard of Rabão. Two of the "Atlantic Bonito" with five lines in the water said "present" at the same time in two lures of a single rod , our friend Charlie has undoubtedly… Read Full Report →

Blue marlin ( grander )- Ponta Delgada

September 21, 2014

Grander with 398 kg caught in Azores , this season we hope to have mucth more of them ... ... Right now the temperature os the sea water comes to rise , for the next mounth Rabão will be… Read Full Report →