Sometimes the days could be perfect !!!

April 04, 2015 by Carlos Linhares

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Sometimes the days could be almost perfect !!!
Yesterday we had one of those days aboard the Rabão sportfishing vessel, look of joy in a parent’s face seeing her radiant Soon with the capture of some good specimens on our coast, our purpose is not only firm for a great day of fishing, comfort, friendship and sympathy are constant.

The day could have been more perfect at the very end, as the way to the Ponta Delgada harbour and after having seen some well-known activity in the waters we head Rabão vessel there because it could be a school of atlantico bonitos that had risen to the surface ... was much more than that in a matter of seconds one of our 30 lbs reels lose the entire line that broke with a strong flick after a bluefin tuna have sent a big bite the small lure !!!

Anyway at the end of the night we all strengthened friendship with a delicious dinner on Baía dos Anjos , being delivered by Skipper Carlos Linhares to our friend Nicoló its sport fishing certificate that will be remembered for a long time the great moments he spent with his father Saverio aboard Rabão vessel .

Thank you Saverio & Nicoló for the friendship !!

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