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Cold Weather Hot Fishing December&Januar

January 22, 2018

Fishing is Hot despite the cold weather in Galveston. We have been catching great number of trout with good numbers of Redfish mixed in there as well. We are using plastics along with live shrimp under popping corks. I… Read Full Report →

Hot weather Hot Fishing July and Aug 17

August 07, 2017

Fishing in July and August shot off like a bullet in Galveston Bay. The trout fishing has been great using live croaker for bait and live shrimp. The reds have also been cooperating with us also eating croaker and… Read Full Report →

Fishing Is On Fire

May 06, 2017

The fishing is finally getting to the summer pattern and the fish are moving to all the normal places for this time a year. The speckled trout are just about eating anything you put in front of them. The… Read Full Report →


March 17, 2017

Fishing in Galveston Bay has remained great with the warm winter we encountered this year. Speckled trout and redfish are making their move from thier winter homes to their spring home right now. I am still catching them on… Read Full Report →

February Fishing is Awesome!!!

February 22, 2017

Fishing in february in the Galveston Bay complex has been spectacular. We are catching quality and quantity fish. Soecks and reds have been on a tear with the warmer temps. They are eating live shrimp under popping corks. We… Read Full Report →

Fishing Still Strong Galveston Bay

September 04, 2016

Fishing on the Galveston Bay Complex has stayed strong all summer between rain and wind. This week Speckled trout fishing has been outstanding along with Redfish action. The fish are in a transition mode now and are moving from… Read Full Report →

Speckled Trout still going Strong

June 23, 2016

The fishing on Galveston Bay continues to be strong. Speckled Trout fishing the #1 gamefish in Texas is just AWESOME right now. When the wind and weather cooperate it just does not get any better. We are still catching… Read Full Report →

Memorial Day Weekend Fishing Report

June 03, 2016

Well despite all of the rain we have had down in the Galveston area the fishing remains to remain sizzling HOT. Speckled Trout are hungry and they are everywhere. We are using live croaker for bait now and they… Read Full Report →

Specks and Reds Galore on Galveston Bay!

May 23, 2016

The fishing continues to be outstanding on Galveston Bay. Now the Redfish have decided to come join the party and we are catching Reds and Speckled trout. We are still fishing heavy shell and using Live Shrimp and croakers… Read Full Report →

Galveston Bay HOT Fishing 5/9-14

May 16, 2016

The fishing in Galveston Bay has been phenomenal when the weather allows us to fish. The has been so up and down but the Speckled Trout are hungry and ambushing anything you put in front of them The number… Read Full Report →

Speckled Trout Everywhere

May 08, 2016

Speckled Trout fishing in Galveston Bay has taken off as this last week Near Limits to Limits of the most sought after Texas game fish has been excellent. We are fishing oyster shell in 4 to 6 feet of… Read Full Report →

Galveston Bay Trout Fishing 4/23-5/1/16

May 02, 2016

Well the trout fishing has busted wide open as the yellow mouth have been real hungry as of late. The are eating just about anything we throw at them. Topwaters, plastics and live shrimp under STX Ultimate corks have… Read Full Report →

Fishing is Getting Good April 2016

April 17, 2016

The fishing over the last few weeks has been getting as HOT.. The jetties are still producing but the trout are starting to get into their late spring pattern and becoming easier to target. The trout fishing has greatly… Read Full Report →

Galveston Spring Break Fishing thru 3/18

March 14, 2016

Fishing during the spring break at the jetties was still on fire. The jetties are producing a great number of sheephead, redfish and drum are also making their presence know with big pulls on cracked crab. The speckled trout… Read Full Report →

Galveston Bay Fishing 3/4-3/6/16

March 06, 2016

Fishing has still been very consistent along the jetties for Sheephead, drum and redfish. The big Drum and redfish are also making there annual presence along the jetties also.Bay fishing has also improved with fish starting to move a… Read Full Report →

Galveston Bay Fishing

February 27, 2016

Fishing has been great at he rocks so far this year. We have been catching Reds and lots of Sheephead and big ones. We have occasionally caught a Flounder along with drum and speckled trout. Bay fishing has been… Read Full Report →

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