Wahoo Madess.

November 21, 2015 by Eric Reynolds

Trip Info

The Catch

Had the pleasure of taking out a few return costumes for a day trip for Wahoo. We made our voyage across to the Bahamas for a little high speed trolling. High speed trolling is as fun as it gets, as long as the fish cooperate.

Trolling at speeds from 15-20 knots with trolling weights and wire cable leader and 80lb tackle. If you’ve never heard an 80 wide scream from a wahoo then you should put that on your bucket list!!  When fishing for these speedsters we focused our efforts on the edges and drop offs 100-500’ of water.

Bahamian waters make for ideal conditions due to the drastic depth contour. I was working with a three man crew so we were very busy once we hooked up on a fish. We ended the day with 13 wahoo average size was 35lb with one fish weighing in at 55lbs. and multiple double and triple hookups. The wahoo bite started to tapper off and the wind started to pick up so we made or long trip back with a boat load of fish!

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