Fishing doesn't get much better!

September 28, 2015 by Ben Geroy

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It’s been a while since my last report. But there have been plenty of great fishing days since I last posted! While September is the slowest month for fishing in terms of business, it can host some the best fishing available here in Naples. We are catching a variety of fish species, but our main targets right now are snook and redfish.

Snook have continued to cooperate with anglers all throughout the month. The majority of the fish are still in the 19-24 inch size, and some trips have produced well over 20 snook to the boat. There are still a few giant snook lurking around in the mangroves. While out on a solo trip a couple weeks ago, I wrangled a big 38’’ snook out from the bushes, I happened to get the whole fight on video, which you can see on youtube.

Redfish have been the biggest stars this month, as the numbers of redfish being caught are the highest of any month this year. While it’s not expected to get the same amount of redfish as we do snook in our area, some recent trips have produced as many as a dozen redfish coming boat side. Most of these fish are 22-30 inches, and prove to be some of the hardest fighting fish around!

Along with the snook and redfish, we are catching many other species mixed in. Mangrove snapper, jack crevalle, goliath and gag grouper, flounder and juvenile tarpon are all being caught regularly.

This past weekend was my favorite fishing event I’ve ever been a part of. The Naples Take A Soldier Fishing tournament. This was my third consecutive year volunteering to take soldiers out for this event. This year, there were 140 soldiers competing, and over 70 boat captains offering up their boats to take these great Americans out on a Saturday for a great day of fishing, and a little friendly competition. My soldiers, who are both military pilots, and I were greeted with stellar fishing on Saturday! The tournament required a live weigh-in of two redfish, and two trout. We did extremely well on the redfish, catching many large ones, and even a couple that were too large! The trout proved to be the hard part of the day, and we only managed to catch trout that were too small to be brought in. At the end of the day, with only two of the four fish we were supposed to weigh in, we still managed to get 6th place out of the 70 boat field!

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