Fishing is the best its ever been

July 07, 2019 by Steve Veloso

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As many of you have noticed the fishing has truly been fantastic. Most days have been what guests dream of and expect when paying to go fishing.

Fun fact: If you have come out with me before you will have heard that we believe really good fishing is a fish every half hour on average. 45 + is slower and gets me squirly and if its 20 - 15 mins that’s awesome and doesn’t get much better. While this year to date the average fish per hour has been 1 every 6:56 mins for all our charters combined!!! which is unheard of!

Some of our top numbers are:
28, 22, 25, 42, 40, 41, 25, 17, 24

Chinook Retention opens July 15th and from then on we are almost fully booked. We have one week left to rack up some more numbers. Fish spots totally alone and have them bitey. I’m sure the spots will be pretty crowed the last half of the month.

Give me a call and come have some fun, guests have still been going home with plenty to eat.

Thank you to all my sponsors who have made this fun!

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