Fishing in Flamingo

January 16, 2016 by Alex Genetau

Trip Info


This week I only had one trip but it was a good one. I fished out of flamingo this week and it has been a couple months since I have been down there and I had forgot just how beautiful it is. It was a nice change of pace to fish somewhere other then Biscayne bay and I can’t think of a better place then Flamingo. Between the drive through Everglades national park to get to the boat ramp and then all of the breathtaking scenery while you are on the water is what makes it a truly magical place. The morning started off with a nice boat ride through some thick fog to get to our first spot. The fog was so thick in the morning you could only see about 20 yards in front of the boat. The entire boat ride you could not see anything until all of a sudden the mangrove shorelines seemed to come out of no where letting us know we had made it. The first spot did not produce much and after a few minutes we picked and moved to our next spot. On the first cast we hook up to a nice Snook that weighed over 10lbs but as we got the snook boat side before I could net it and get it into the boat a bull shark came out of no where and bit the fish clean in half right in front of us. It was heartbreakng to see that happen to the fish but that’s all part of fishing in flamingo and happens more then you would like. On our second cast we hook up to a nice size red fish that gave us a good fight before we got it to the boat for a quick pick and release. After releasing the red fish we proceeded to catch red fish and black drum on just about every cast for the next our or so. Most of the fish were around 20 inches, not monsters but they kept the rods bent and everyone busy fighting fish. We fished a couple more spots before we headed in and caught more small black drum, lady fish and the elusive cat fish. The weather was beautiful and the fishing was just as good and it ended up being a good day on the water. Water temperstures are perfect for fishing in flamingo right now and I look forward to getting back and enjoying some more good fishing. So BOOK YOUR TRIP TODAY!!!!!!!

Capt. Alex Geneteau

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