Don't let the Cold Scare You!!!!
February 09, 2016 Key Biscayne 5 photos

Trip Summary

Well it has been a little chilly here in Miami lately but that has not stopped us from getting out in the water and catching some fish. We are still having no problem catching our share of porgies and snappers each time we go out and putting a few in the cooler for dinner as well. The tarpon bite is starting to pick up and when the tide is right we have had no problem hooking up and doing battle with them. Early morning or in the evening has been the best bite but we have also been catching them during the day as well. If you have never caught a tarpon before it is deffinetly something you need to experience. There's nothing like hooking into a 50 to 100lb fish and watching it jump out of the water and try to rip your arms off as you hang onto the rod trying to stop him. Deffinetly something you need to see to believe. While we are fishing for tarpon we have also been catching some nice sized barracudas, some big jacks, snook, and some sharks as well. With spring not to far away the fishing should only get better and better till summer hits us. So take advantage of the good fishing and weather and BOOK YOUR TRIP TODAY!!!!
Alex Genetau
Key-biscayne, Florida, United States
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Regardless of your age or fishing expertise, Miami Inshore Fishing should be on top of your list when it comes to Key Biscayne fishing. Captain Alex Genetau is dedicated to put you on the fish in several unique fisheries of South Florida, where you’...

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Great time to be fishing in Miami
Great time to be fishing in Miami
November 29, 2016
This time of the year the fishing and weather are at there best and lately it has not disappointed. The weather has been almost perfect for this time of the year and we are not even breaking a sweat while we are out on the water. The best bite has been during the day in Biscayne Bay. The bait is still around and plentiful and we are having no problem finding it and then filling the livewell with more then we need. Lately the snappers have been the stars of the show and have not disappointed. We have been catching some really nice Mangrove snapper up to 5lbs and on light tackle they are a blast. We have also been catching out fair share of Mutton snappers but most have been just a little to small to keep but we have caught some big ones as well. If you are looking for non stop action from some toothy critters the Barracudas are making there move into the bay and we have had some exciting action from them. In my opinion the Barracuda is the most understated game fish that we have, they are aggressive, pull drag, have teeth, and are a blast to catch. In my opinion you couldn't ask for anything more from a fish. The Yellowjacks have also been around lately and when you can get them fired up they are like a pack of piranhas eating everything that swims and it is a lot of fun to watch them chase down and eat your bait off the surface of the water. If Tarpon is something you are looking to target then the wait is almost over. Any time now the shrimp should start running at night and the Tarpon will not be far behind. It is primarily a night time bite this time of the year and you get to see the glitz and glam of Miami from the water at night while doing battle with the mighty silver king. What else could you ask for. The fishing is good so don't miss out and BOOK YOUR TRIP TODAY!!!!