Half Day Reef Trip with some Mahi and Tr

August 31, 2019 by Gregory Fabrizzi

Trip Info


Today we fished with Frank and Susan from Texas on a half day A/M reef trip. The goal was snappers and maybe a grouper or mutton to ship back home. Once we got out to the reef we could see how close the Gulf Stream was and just had to give it a shot for some Mahi. A 10 minute move proved to be the day highlight. We bagged a few Mahi and a Keeper Triple Tail and headed right to our favorite yellowtail area. In 1 hour we limited out on snappers and lost one Big Grouper that got hung up in the rough bottom. Today was a perfect example of why fuel is not included in our charter price. If fuel was in our budget that move for some Mahi on a 4 hour trip would not have been feasible. Incredible day it was!

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