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February 13, 2016 by Jeff Patterson

Trip Info

The Catch

Started off first thing in super thick fog that eventually cleared up to the river being slick calm and a great sunrise!  Pulled up to the first spot and saw a school of reds immediately but a couple pelicans were causing a ruckus around the boat so had to wait to move in on the fish until the birds left.  Once we got a shot at the fish they werent having anything to do with live bait or artificial so we moved to another bank and noticed big fish pushing off the bank immediately. It wasn’t long before Mr Bosh hooked up with a nice red that inhaled his mullet.  We were run out of there not long after by another boat coming way too close unfortunately but it panned out being able to find another slot redfish at the 3rd spot once again inhaling the bait.  Even with a couple obstacles it was a successful trip with a great client!

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