It's the WEAKend!

February 20, 2016 by Jeff Patterson

Trip Info

The Catch
Snapper (Mangrove)

We started the morning out by fishing some docks but there wasn’t a whole lot going on.  I moved on to this spot that has some structure on the bottom and holds black drum this time of year. Well we didn’t have any luck with the black drum but found another fish in the drum family to be very plentiful.  I knew something was down there because the fish finder lit up as you can see.  The weakfish were stacked up so thick you couldn’t keep a bait in the water.  A weakfish looks about identical to a sea trout without the black spots and a little bit different color.  Caught them on live shrimp and rubber jigs as well.  Put up a good fight for there size and kept some of the nicer ones for dinner.  Also caught a few mangrove snapper and sheepshead.

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