Lost a big fish

February 24, 2016 by Billy Lamarque

Trip Info

The Catch
Marlin (Blue)

We headed straight south where very few boats had been fishing recently and caught some small Skipjack Tuna which were used as live bait.As the big predators were not interested with the fresh offering,after a couple of hours, we decided to go look for the decent sized Yellowfin Tuna that were seen jumping around the previous day.Unfortunately they were not very hungry so we resumed to lure trolling and soon got an estimated 700 lbs blue marlin strike on the shotgun lure. The fish almost emptied the spool within the blink of an eye with the big reel screaming. After a lot of acrobatic jumps (to the joy of Mr Harri who got on the fighting chair and everyone else onboard) and the boat backing on it,the fish stopped but started heading to the depths and luckily stopped. After about 20 minutes we were gaining some line on the spool but suddenly the hook pulled out of the fish’s mouth. See you another day…

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