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Blue Marlin Madness

August 18, 2016 by Casey Carter

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Marlin (Blue)
Marlin (Striped)

It started out as a bummer day as we failed hugely at picking up some Dorados on the beach. We trolled from the Cape all the way up past Cerros del Golden and only scratched up one little one. Id had enough of that and we swung Picudo offshore heading towards the Golden Gate Bank to see if we couldnt get something going. A quick couple of sweeps over the bank produced nothing and the pressure was building, clients were giving me the sideways headcock look and it was time for something to happen. I pointed us towards Jaime Bank for a last chance at glory but as we arrived it was obvious this bank was not holding. No birds, no bait, and nothing on the meter, not even a sea lion to be seen! So I tucked my tail and pointed us towards home, this was turning out bad and more so because we had recently been on a roll!! So off we went and about 1 mile off the highspot we were savagely attacked! This big girl ripped on our short flat 2nd wake lure and just went ballastic! 600 plus lbs. of Blue Marlin fury cut loose as she shredded water and blew spray everywhere! Our angler was in the chair and getting control when she spit the hook!! We freaked, this day was going down as one of the worst!! The last thing I saw was this big girl jumping away from us with massive hatred in her eyes and knowing that she had just whupped us good! Silence took over the boat and some murmurred foul language was heard. I couldnt hide anywhere. So we put the gear back out and did another loop thru the area and sure enough about 10 minutes later here comes another Blue and just smokes my Tigrillo lure in the short rigger! This one stuck and even though only half the size of the first one it gave our angle a great fight! 57 minutes later we caught the fish and the cockpit errupted! we pulled out the day in the 4th quarter and headed home victorious. Thats Blue Marlin fishing for sure, absolute boredome interrupted by the biggest adrenaline rush that exsists!! And as it always seems to happen, the big one always gets away…..for now.

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