Big fishes
February 23, 2020 Le Morne 6 photos

Trip Summary

Mr Trevor and his wife joined us on this beautiful day and with no wind the first schools we found proved to be hard to work with the fishes diving everytime the boat got close.We continued trolling with the lures and had a blue marlin take our short rigger lure.The fish did some incredible acrobatics on the surface and we were on for a long fight.Mr Trevor did an excellent job and we had the 520 lbs blue marlin on board after 1 hr and 30 mins.45 minutes later we had another strike on the shotgun lure and this time it was a 125lbs yellowfin tuna.In the afternoon we hooked an estimated 700 lbs blue marlin and Mr Trevor was in the fighting chair again.This time the fish got itself free after about 30 minutes
Billy Lamarque
Le-morne, Mauritius
Billfish thumbnail
Have you ever dreamed of reeling in a Billfish in the pearlescent waters of Mauritius, but you aren’t a die-hard angler with decades of fishing experience? Your dream is a reality with Billfish! Captain Billy Lamarque will put you on the most presti...

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