West Virginia Visits Dularge

March 22, 2016 by Elton Rodrigue

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I just finished 3 fun and interesting days of catching with Dave and Ron. These guys know what they are doing and brought their own tackle, it was very interesting watching them catch on lures we never use here.
Tuesday… After a 15 hour drive to get here Minday and some rest at the Reel Inn they were at the dock early and ready. Right behind a cold front and 15 deg water temp drop we still caught trout. Had to work for them but together enough for a fish fry Tuesday night with some left to bring home.
Wednesday.. Started out with calm conditions ans birds starting to work. We got a good start and when the wind turned on we jumped in the marsh and continued to catch. Ended up with 35 trout with and some reds.
Thursday… Wind blew all night but calmed down at day break, calm before the storm! Lol. We had to hunt for them but, at the third stop we found hundred trout. It took about 30 minutes to put 35 trout on ice before running from the storms.

3 different weather patterns in 3 days but, we made it happen! CATCHDAT!
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Capt Elton Rodrigue

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