Grand Isle Fishing Reports

Spring time in Grand Isle

April 15, 2016 by John Chauvin

Trip Info

The Catch
Speckled Trout

Springtime fishing in Grand Isle is one of the best times you can treat yourself to. My clients, David and Daryl know this and was down for some redfish and speckled trout action. We headed out to the stomping grounds and enjoyed a relaxing day on the water. Then weather conditions weren’t perfect, but it was nice. We had a steady 10 mph wind blowing and a very comfortable temperature of 75 degrees. We caught a pile of fish which made for a great fishing fry, and had some redfish slabs on the half shell to put on the BBQ pitnjj at a later date.
Thanks again guys for another Fin-tastic Charter. I look forward to doing it again next month.

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