Spanish Mackeral fishing is HOT! Cobia

April 06, 2016 by Captain Black"s Fishing

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With the heavy southeast winds we have had the bait fish have moved in close to shore and in the bay systems. along with this influx of bait have been large schools of Spanish Mackerel. These fish are very good eating and can be caught in large numbers. Kids especially love trolling for these fast swimming fish and the action can be insane at times. When we troll the beaches for Spanish we also keep a keen lookout for Cobia. These brown bombers are large fish ranging from 20 to over 100 pounds and are cast to after spotting them near the surface. These fish are on their migration that normally last thru the month of April and then are caught on reefs through out the year. They will often tear a hundred yards of line off of a spinning reel making multiple runs before coming boat side. We hooked our first Cobia this year an estimated 80 pounder that was about to come to gaff. The angler lost concentration momentarily and reached for his cell phone to take a picture. In doing so he wrapped the line around the rod tip and the fish sounded snapping the rod tip off and breaking the line. The angler looked up and said “Whoops” and we all just laughed. Yes we would have all loved to have brought it in the boat but it is all about having a great time fishing with your friends and family. Good fishing to your no matter who you fish with…..we hope you choose Captain Black!

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