Kings are Smoking Hot!

August 19, 2016 by Captain Black"s Fishing

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We left the dock at 6 am and swung into the bait boat for a shot of cigar minnows before turning the Captain Black towards the gulf. We immediately started seeing some top water action and put our high speed trolling lure out but before it was in gear we had a a good sized King on the line and he was peeling line off the reel so fast I had to wait to engage the gears. We caught two more fish on the high speeder before we reached our fishing area and smiles were abundant and expectations now high. I baited up a Penn spinning set up and tossed the live offering back towards a school of bait. It hit the water and ten seconds later a King sky rocked out of the water with the bait in his mouth hitting the water and taking a several hundred feet of line on his first run. After a few minutes the fish was gaffed and brought on board. I looked over and said “Im sorry the fishing is so slow” to which everyone laughed. Great day on the Captain Black as we limited on Kings and had a large shark also cruise by interested in what was going on. We also have big Game Shark trips available at ngiht. We fish for sharks in excess of 6 feet.

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