Sailfish & Tuna Fishing in Quepos

April 30, 2016 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

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Tuna (Yellowfin)


Ali MacLeod from the Isle of Man fished aboard ‘Good Day’ yesterday where we headed 30-35 miles offshore to an area known as ‘La Bolsa’.

It was Ali’s second of three days aboard the ‘Good Day’ and today the target was Yellow Fin Tuna & Sailfish.  We found the Tuna early around 32 miles offshore and fished alongside some of the most famous boats in the country such as the ‘Spanish Fly’ as we all tried to get in amongst the fish. The Yellow Fin Tuna fishing in Costa Rica is an awesome experience as the fish are found in large schools together with several hundred Spinner Dolphins which always provide some visual entertainment.  There were lots of baby Dolphins out there yesterday which were very cute and great to see.

Ali & myself spent the first couple of hours on the bow of the boat throwing poppers at the quickly moving Tuna schools and it proved difficult work as no sooner had we positioned the boat the Tuna were immediately 500 metres away!! To say they are fast is an understatement! This sequence continued for a couple of hours with 1 lost Yellow Fin Tuna for Ali right alongside the boat and several near misses.
Whilst we were throwing poppers off the front, Michael our first mate was running Blue Runner livebaits at the back of the boat in the hope of a larger fish.
We changed tactics after working out that the Tuna didn’t seem very big today, mostly in the 10-40lb range so we sized down on the lures we were using and immediately Ali & myself were into a double header. After a great 10 minute fight from both fish which felt like they were in the 20-30lb range we were very unlucky to lose both of them just under the boat. Tuna 3 - Jackpot Sport Fishing 0!
It wasn’t long before we hooked into another Yellow Fin and this time thankfully there were no issues with getting a respectable 10 pounder to the Boat.  Within an hour of catching the fish we were tucking into some lovely Sashimi, Soy Sauce & Wasabi for lunch!

We then turned our attention to Sailfish & caught 2 very nice Sailfish from 2 bites, a 100% hookup rate which is very good going when fishing with circle hooks & ballyhoo’s. Both fish were in the 90lb+ range and were beautifully coloured.  Ali wanted to get a closer look so jumped in to get some underwater footage of his Sailfish release, 30 miles offshore in 700 feet of water…..thankfully, not many Sharks around here! :-)

A great day out sportfishing in Costa Rica & we are looking forward to Day 3 tomorrow where we are going inshore fishing to target a Roosterfish

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