May 08, 2016 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

Trip Info

The Catch
Barracuda (Pacific)
Jack Crevalle
Mackerel (Atlantic)


The Wellet family, Mark, Sandra, Nick, Lisa, Steph & Ryan had a great time aboard ‘Good Day’ today where they did a 1/2 day inshore fishing trip. We caught lots of Sardines for live bait and the fishing proved to be non stop all morning fishing in the Damas & Parrita areas.  We were treated to huge shoals of Sardines with Jacks & other fish busting the surface all around us. We had a pod of Dolphins around the boat for an hour which was great to see only a few hundred metres from the beach.  Rods were bent pretty much for the entire trip with often 2 or 3 fish being fought at the same time. Smiling faces & sore arms all round!

Our tally for the day was:

15 Jacks
2 Mackerel
2 Barracuda
1 Queenfish

Ryan wins the award for battle of the day as he spent 45 minutes battling a good sized Jack on VERY light tackle that we were using to catch sardines. He played the fish expertly & probably a miracle that he finally got the fish to the boat on such light tackle, well done.

A great day & can’t wait to get back out there soon!

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