Cobia on the Beach

Trip Info

The Catch

Went out in search of the rays off New Smyrna Beach even though the wind was picking up a little earlier than expected. Found our first manta ray after about 20 minutes but with the wind working against us, didn’t see it until we were about on top of it.  We spooked that one but were able to creep up on another 10 min later with fish under it we could clearly see.  First cast in the direction of the ray, the jig was inhaled by a nice 20lb cobia which was landed. Found another ray a little later and got one that was questionable if it was a legal fish or not that came off right before it got to the boat. Ended up seeing a third cobia just cruising the surface but wasn’t interested in the jig we put in front of it.

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Captain Jeff Patterson has been fishing the Daytona Beach area since he was old enough to hold a rod. His years of fishing have lead him to BIG CATCHES anywhere from the Tomoka Basin all the way down to Ponce Inlet and out into the Atlantic…

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