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Snook Fishing Costa Rica

June 12, 2016 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

Trip Info

The Catch

We did a full day inshore trip out of Quepos, Costa Rica yesterday in search of some of the large Snook that have been showing recently.  We left the Marina before 7am and headed straight up the coast in search of the Sardine shoals to catch enough live bait for the day.  We found the sardines immediately and it wasnt long before we had 25 or so nice sized baits in the livewell.  Whilst catching our livebait we seen some Mackerel & Jacks crashing at the Sardine shoals so I quickly put on a favourite popper to see if we could get some early action!  The fish were obviously too focused on the thousands of Sardines and didnt fancy my red headed popper!  High tide was at 7.30am this morning so by the time we had caught enough bait the tide was already starting to drop.  We motored 11 miles up the coast to a world class Snook spot, the Parrita rivermouth which is known to produce of 40-50lb and larger!  We set up a nice drift right next to the brown/green colourline created by the mud brown water being washed out of the river from the recent rains.  There was ourselves aboard the GOOD DAY and three other boats here today.  From the moment our baits were in the water there was action all around us and Snook after Snook were being caught with some very nice 15-20 pound fish, some released after a quick photo and a couple taken for dinner.  It wasn’t long before we got our first action and I hooked up to a 15 pound Snook which put up a great battle jumping several times.  The fish was all but beaten and seconds before we were about to slip the net under him he went on one final run…..unfortunately for me, right around our propellor and the leader quickly broke!  Fish 1 - GOOD DAY 0.  Michael then got a ferocious bite minutes later which appeared to be another nice fish which unfortunately threw the hook straight away.  The Snook continued to be hooked on the three boats around us and some nice Jacks were caught too.  No sooner had the action been thick and fast, then all went quiet apart from the odd Needlefish terrorising our livebaits.  There had been around 90 minutes of action 1.5 to 3 hours after high tide before the fish moved on.  We spent a further 5 hours fishing the area within 1km of the river mouth, we contemplated leaving and moving to another spot many times during the day but perservered in the hope that the Snook bite would return.  It did not today.  Another boat joined us in the final part of the day and caught a Roosterfish and a couple of other smaller fish.  A great day out and nice to see plenty of fish about when the tide was right.  We will return again soon!

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