Sailfish release in Quepos

June 29, 2016 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

Trip Info

The Catch

Regular visitors to Costa Rica Arlen, Mike, Jarad & Leo joined us aboard GOOD DAY on 29/6 and we headed offshore in search of Sailfish, Tuna & more.

The day got off to a great start & within the first hour we had seen Turtles, Dolphins and two Humpback Whales! The Mother & her Calf stayed in our area for some time and we got some really stunning sights of them both.  We then found a pod of Spinner Dolphins & Tuna but could not get them to bite despite our best efforts with Livebait, Lures & trolling. We decided to move on & were quickly rewarded with a double hookup of Sailfish for 11 year old Leo & 15 year old Jarad. It was excellent to see two young Anglers enjoying the unpredictability & excitement of fishing as they both did a great job fighting their Sailfish. Leo was delighted to release his first ever Sailfish and whilst we we’re releasing Leo’s fish unfortunately Jarad lost the Sailfish he had been fighting for 10 minutes.

We found another pod of Spinner Dolphins in the afternoon again with Tuna but no sooner had we reached this location another two Humpback whales arrived (another Mother & Calf) and headed right in amongst the Dolphins & Tuna to join the bait feast.  It was an amazing sight but we can only guess that the Tuna ran scared as we didn’t get a bite here!

Another fantastic day enjoyed with great company watching the wonder of nature around us and the boys in action with their Sailfish.

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