Summer Is Here In Fort Lauderdale
May 23, 2022 Fort Lauderdale 5 photos

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Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, I have a good report this week the fishing remains pretty steady as expected for this time of year so lets get to it... As of late fishing in the Fort Lauderdale area has been consistent obviously as fishing goes some days are better then others but as a whole we have been having pretty good catches daily, with the summer time approaching its been super hot out there on the water so it seems the best times to fish are early mornings or late afternoons. Starting offshore there has been a few mahi mahi around but like I said last week it is a little early for them we should start to see them in a month of so but its a great sign to see them this early in the season, tuna have been hit and miss right now some days they are there and hungry and other days you scratch your head wondering where they went, as far as wahoo I always preach the month of May not being great for them but if the conditions are right its always worth spending a little time fishing for them specially early in the morning trolling planners down deep at fast speeds you could always get lucky and get one. Moving on the inshore side of things plenty of kingfish on the edge of the reef right now trolling planners with fresh bonito strips in depths from 80 feet on out to 120 feet has been most productive also some bonito in the mix as well, bonito are not the greatest fish to eat but they do fight hard which always makes for good fun. On days with good current plenty of big game sharks are biting right now to, fighting a shark is a good way to test yourself as an angler and pull on something large. Wreck fishing has been very productive to with live bait, large trophy amberjack are on some of the local shipwrecks just off the coast of fort Lauderdale, these guys can fight they call them reef donkeys for a reason if your looking for a fight amberjack won't back down trust me. Last but not least there has been some snappers biting on days with light current, vermillion snapper has been the catch as of late small cut baits like squid or bonito is the best, they have been moving around alot some days they are in 250 feet of water and some days out as deep as 500 feet, but once you find them they are very hungry thats for sure. Lots of fish biting right now in Fort Lauderdale in my opinion its a great time to get out and do some deep sea fishing if you are in the Fort Lauderdale area, make sure this week to check out some of the great pictures we have of some recent catches, also remember to follow us on social media platforms like facebook and instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. Back at it the next few days so should have a good report next week stay tuned more later... Capt. Vinnie
Vinnie Sacks
Fort-lauderdale, Florida, United States
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Dog Days Of Summer In Fort Lauderdale
Dog Days Of Summer In Fort Lauderdale
June 20, 2022
Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here this week in Fort Lauderdale we have had some hot fishing and some even hotter temps. Lets get to the report I have for you guys...This week in Fort Lauderdale like a stated earlier lots of hot temps but fishing remains pretty good right now, early mornings seem to be best right now getting an early start helps beat the heat as well as put a few fish in the box. Early mornings have been producing a fairly good amount of blackfin tuna, trolling in depths from 200 to 400 feet seem to be the magic depth for these guys also mixed in with the tuna there has been bonito, although bonito are not very good for eating they are hard fighters and have beautiful colors and they are fun to catch too. Always while fishing for tuna there is a chance for that lucky wahoo but seems to be they are hard to catch lately. Moving inshore a little bit there has been some kingfish on the deeper side of the reef as well as a few barracuda. Snapper fishing on the reef has been very productive lately with nice catches of yellowtail snapper. Anchoring up and chumming is a great way to target these guys and they are great on the dinner table. Snapper fishing is very dependent on the conditions at hand, current is a must in order to take your chum down the reef and create a feeding frenzy. Deeper snapper fishing for vermillion snapper has been very good as well and still lots of larger fish on wrecks like amberjack. If your looking for a fight thats always a great fish to try and target, live bait is a must for these guys. Last but not least there has been some large trophy game sharks around to catch, Sharks are a great way to test yourself as an angler and some of the ones we catch can reach sizes larger then 10 feet. I always say this time of year is my favorite time to fish so many options of things to catch and always flat calm the only downside Is the heat but I think the pluses out weight the minus so if your coming to Fort Lauderdale and looking to do some deep sea fishing come out with us we would love to have you. Be sure this week to check out our great photos of some recent catches we have had during our deep sea fishing charters, and as always follow us on social media platforms like instagram and facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. Till next time should have a new report soon. Capt. Vinnie more later...
Ups and Downs In Fort Lauderdale
Ups and Downs In Fort Lauderdale
June 12, 2022
Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here this weeks report is right on with whats going on in the Fort Lauderdale area so here we go... So this week fishing has been somewhat pretty good, some days are fairly easy to catch fish and other days you really have to work at it to make things happen. We recently just has a tropical storm come through the area and all the rain has hurt the fishing somewhat, there has been alot of freshwater out where we have been fishing and most pelagic fish do not like that one bit. Most of our bites have been on our deeper lines fished on planners, our surface baits haven't had much luck as of late due to the freshwater, but for the most part fishing has been good. Morning trips have had excellent weather flat calm ocean and light breeze. Afternoons on the other hand seems like your at the mercy of the thunderstorms, some days it never rains and other days we have hard rain and lots of lighting and thunder. Morning trips have been producing nice sized kingfish as well as some bonito and the occasional wahoo. Blackfin tuna have been very hit and miss as of late and I think that has alot to do with the freshwater around but we have had some very good days fishing for them and then we have had some days that are slower then others. As far as a mahi report there has been mahi mahi around but they are far offshore so you are going to need a longer trip to target them. Afternoons we have been doing a very good amount of bottom fishing and it has been good, vermillion snapper have been prevalent on alot of the deep bottom spots we fish off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, we have also been catching a few snowy groupers as well as an occasional red snapper and porgy, also in the afternoons that it doesn't rain seems the tunas are biting fairly well. All in all there is still lots of options of different fish to target and lots of things to catch, one thing that I'm looking forward to is mahi mahi which should be becoming very prevalent in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that. Be sure to check out some of the great pictures we have this week of some great catches during our deep sea fishing charters, also give us a follow on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. Pretty busy week ahead for us so should have another report soon. More later... Capt. Vinnie
A Good Start To June In Fort Lauderdale
A Good Start To June In Fort Lauderdale
June 2, 2022
Hello Everyone Capt. Vinnie here, June has just started and that means summer time is about to kick off, June is one of my favorite times to fish in the Fort Lauderdale area so much variety of different species biting and lots of options. Lately fishing in Fort Lauderdale has been productive early mornings and late evenings have been best, late evenings have been producing a good amount of rain but it usually never makes it to where we are fishing and primarily stays on the land side of things. Summer months bring summer temps, pretty much daily you have little to no wind in the mornings and flat calm ocean conditions, as it gets towards the later afternoon there is a ocean breeze and the ocean still remains calm. Early in the mornings trolling has been very productive for mostly all predatory fish, fishing the reef with planners and seawitches with fresh bonito strips is always a winner in my book, inside of 200 feet of water lots of kingfish, bonito, and barracuda right now, on the offshore side a few wahoo around and later in the evenings the tuna bite has been unreal some nice sized tuna as well in the 30lb class. Other then trolling in the evenings for the tuna we have been very slowly trolling live baits called pilchards and we have been catching much larger tunas this way, using 20lb test line makes it a challenge to land some of these larger tunas. Mahi mahi are still not around yet but they should be around in the near future so stay tuned for future reports for when they start to heat up. Wreck fishing remains very good for hard pulling fish like amberjack and also the snapper fishing for vermillion snapper remains very good on days with light current seems the deeper the structure that you fish the larger the snapper. This week be sure to checkout some of our great photos of some recent catches we have had while deep sea fishing. Also give us a follow on social media platforms like instagram and facebook @Ybnormalsportfishing for daily fishing content. Summer is just beginning here in Fort Lauderdale and the fish are biting, the bite should only keep improving as we approach July, till next time Capt. Vinnie