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Quepos Fishing August 2016 Catch Report

August 31, 2016 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

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Grouper (Red)
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Marlin (Blue)
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Spanish Mackerel
Tuna (Bluefin)


We did 10 charters aboard the GOOD DAY out of the Marina Pez Vela, Quepos, Costa Rica during August 2016.

It has been a fun month and we have enjoyed a few great days of weather which we are making the most of as we gear up for the height of rainy season which is fast approaching (September/October). 

The fishing has not disappointed with Blue Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Sailfish, Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, Jacks, Groupers, Mackerel & more. We didn’t land any Dorado/Mahi in August but we got bites or had them in the spread on 4 trips during the month which is a good sign that there are a few more here now after a very slow year so far for Dorado in Costa Rica thanks to Mr El Nino.

Our catch summary for the month as follows:

1 August         Caught 1 Cubera Snapper, 1 Roosterfish, 2 Jacks
2 August         Lost an est. 300lb Blue Marlin & caught 10 Groupers & other bottom fish for dinner
4 August         Fished for Marlin today 40 miles out.  Lost 2 Sailfish but landed nothing
9 August         Caught 1 of 4 Sailfish and a small Shark. Missed a Dorado. 2 Blue Marlin caught on boats close to us. Sighted Humpback Whales
13 August         Missed a Blue Marlin in first 5 mins. Caught 1 of 2 Sailfish. Also missed a big bull Dorado. Sighted Pilot Whales & False Killer Whales
15 August         Caught 1 Roosterfish & 2 nice Mackerel
19 August         Caught 1 of 2 Sailfish and 7 Yellow Fin Tuna. Missed a Dorado. Seen Humpback Whales breaching
20 August         Caught 1 Blue Marlin est. 200lb, 1 Sailfish, 5 Yellow Fin Tuna. Seen Humpback Whales morning & afternoon. 7 Blue Marlin hooked today nearby
28 August         Caught 3 of the 6 Sailfish we raised. Raised a BIG Blue Marlin but didn’t catch him. 5 Blue Marlin released close to us today
30 August         Caught 3 Roosterfish, 45-50lb, 20lb, 15lb and one 15lb Big Eyed Jack on Popper. Humpback whales alongside boat

We are fishing the first 3 weeks of September and will then haul the boat out for 5 weeks for some TLC and have her back in the water ready to go again for 1 November and the start of high season.

The fishing May through October (Low Season in CR) is certainly not as consistent as it is in High Season (Nov-April) but I have really enjoyed watching the seasons change, the birds migrating, the Sailfish bite turn off for a while and then return again, the water temperature cool and make way for other species: the awesome Tuna bite of the past few months, an excellent couple of months of Snook fishing at our Rivermouths, consistent Roosterfish every month and more recently the Blue Marlin action.  My summary of the past few months would be that if you are looking for a bucket list Fishing Adventure in Costa Rica, you have a better chance of excellent Fishing in the Nov-Apr High season…...BUT do not discount the months of May-Aug, there are not as many people around, there are some great deals on hotels and whilst you might not catch 20 Sailfish in a day, you still have the chance of catching a Marlin, a Big Yellow Fin Tuna, a few Sailfish, a monster Snook or get amongst the Roosterfish action that so many people travel to Costa Rica for.

We have lots of confirmed bookings for November through April 2017 but still have some dates available each month and have some great fishing packages which include Airport Transfers, Hotel or Villa Accommodation & of course Fishing.

Just let us know if you would like any further info, it would be great to hear from you and to take you fishing in Costa Rica

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