Tampa Bay Gag Grouper

September 25, 2016 by Charlton's Reef Charters

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We had a late start in the morning designed to catch the changing of the tide after cast netting large greenbacks and pinfish. Once we got to the spot we had to wait for the bite to start which happens when the tide starts to slow down or start up. In this case it was the start of the low tide. Any dead bait were cut into pieces and thrown over as chum. As the tide started to move the bite started,,WHAM a pinfish was taken and the line broken. After several more minutes a greenback was taken and another line was broken. This is the epitome of fishing the rock piles, getting cut off. Now on the ready we waited but not for long. The line began to twitch as the greenback got nervous. The battle was on. I leaned back and raised my 40 pound grouper rod with 80 pound test as high as I could with the grouper taking drag on my 4/0 Peen reel with the drag as tight as I could make it. This is work. You have to get the fish away from the rocks as fast as you can or you will get broken off! Gaining only inches at a pull I was able to get the monster up after sweating and cursing. A 32 incher in 20 feet of water. Pure Tampa Bay Goodness!!

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