Cabo Inshore Smallgame

September 26, 2016 by Casey Carter

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

It was a fast and furious halfday assault up the Pacific side. We headed up the coast towards the Los Arcos area to get in the hot dorado bite that had been going on the last few days! We had no sooner set the 30 setups out when the reel was screaming! The dorado were all over the lures and the morning bite was on! We were working the area from Los Arcos to Margaritas tacking between 120 to 300 feet and the fish were cooperative.We ended up with quite a few bites and landed some fair size dorado. The skipjack were also in thick and we had to move to deeper water to escape them. We had multiple wahoo bites but couldnt get those toothy grabbers to stay. Theyve really been short biting us these last few days. So it was a quickie trip but we all had a blast and aquired some fine filets for dinner! The conditions were perfect with sea temps in the mid 80s,air temps hovering around 90, and calm seas to top it off. With Tropical Storm Roslyn swinging by way outside of us these conditions should remain with us for awhile and the fishing continue to be excellent! Gotta love Fall in Cabo! It gets no better!!      PS - Pancho the sea lion is back from vacations and is lookin good! Welcome back ,Gordo!

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