Roosterfish in Quepos, Costa Rica

November 23, 2016 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

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The Catch

The Calm Before the Storm!

We had a great Inshore trip aboard GOOD DAY out of Quepos today with Dan & Tray aboard. We stocked up with Lookdowns & Sardines for livebait and then headed down the coast to some of our Favourite inshore marks.  Tropical storm/hurricane OTTO is just a day away from making landfall on our Caribbean coast & there was zero wind & a real sense of calm inshore today. It was a lovely day but the Fishing proved to be really slow and we have a feeling the weather front & pressure systems moving in had something to do with it…The fish were either not hungry or had moved out to deeper water. 

We did manage to find a consolation Roosterfish which saved the day & put up a great fight.  We lost/missed a few fish on the popper too.

You don’t have to catch lots of fish to enjoy your time on the water and today was certainly one of those days!

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