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November 28, 2016 by Casey Carter

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The Catch
Tuna (Skipjack)

It was a blustery day off the Cape with the northwesterlies howling down the Pacific side. The 1st low pressure was rolling thru and we had 20 knots blowing with 6foot sea whompin us. We decided to fish inshore as we had 3 lil guys onboard and conditions would have turned them green in no time! So we swung inside the Sea of Cortez to the calmer water and began to troll the lightweight setups on the 20 fathom curve.

With a mixed bag pattern consisting of feathers, Rapalas and hoochies it wasn’t long before we got the Skippies up and biting. It was a good time as the lil guys got to tug and land some fish.

We then decided to move it out towards the 95 Fathom area and try for a Marlin but after 3 hours of pounding the area we opted to head back in towards Faro Viejo and try for the Roosters. We pulled into some shallow 20 -30 foot water with a nice sandy bottom scattered with rock reef formations all down the beach. So out went the ultralight setups with some small live bait Caballitos swimming in the wake.

We proceeded to zig zag slow troll it down the beach trying to raise a Rooster or maybe a Sierra. The lil buddies were having a blast as they had rods in their hands, and it wasnt long before the reels started singing! But back came our bait with the eyeballs bit out….that means only one thing - the Triggerfish are here thick!!

Top deckhand Poli was quick on getting the red squid out and rigged, and with a quick switch of bait we were on it! The Triggers were voracious and the bite was on! Every troll down the beach produced bites and the kids were screaming away!! We landed a few and finished up our day on a good note.

Sometimes its more fun to escape a beating and go for the sure thing, and today was just that! With the Winter season coming on quick and sea temps dropping we will be fishing inshore alot more! Time to put a sweater on! Gotta love it!!

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