Pacific inshore with the gals!

January 04, 2017 by Casey Carter

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Jack Crevalle
Triggerfish (Gray)

Tasha and Ally showed up early and we were out of the harbor well before daybreak. It was Allys birthday and the girls wanted to tug on some fish. Rounding the Cape tocks we decided to dedicate the day to the inshore grabbers and headed directly to the El Molino area to start this bday party! With the wind blowing lightly offshore, no swell, and seeing nice marks bait on the meter, I knew we were in for some action!   

The sun was just popping its head out on the horizon when I slowed the boat down in about 25 feet of water. Deckboss Poli had the 16 lb. setup ready with a live macky and no sooner than it hit the water we were bit!! Birthday girl Ally wss up 1st and was hanging on as this fatty ripped 150 yards of line out in seconds. We didnt have any idea what it was and the back and forth battle started. Ally did a great job pumping on this fish and after awhile we finally saw color. It was a fat Jack Cravelle and still full of fight. After pulling it out from under the boat a few times we finally nailed it. Ally girl got her birthday present and after a 29 minute fight landed her 1st fish in salt water! What a start!   

We couldnt get another bite so we headed up to Pedregalito and started a slow troll down hill. We were doubled up on the live bait mackys and were getting ripped big time by the Sierras. Even with a trailing treble hook set up those toothy critters got the best of us! Bummer for sure but thats the way it goes!  We say “Ni modo” (too bad) down here!   

Then they showed. We were in real shallow water over a nice sandy stretch when the bait started freaking. I looked back just in time to see crests wailing as the school of Roosterfish started wreaking havoc. The bait never had a chance and these voracious biters were all over it! Tasha was bit big time and hanging on when Ally grabbed the other rod. Wham and it was a double! Tasha had hers to the boat in no time and landed her 1st Rooster! Screaming was heard all the way to the beach! Ally dumped hers but it didnt matter, they were celebrating!!   

We decided to finish the day at Rinconada trying for some Palometas. The other day we had raised them in the same area and figured it was worth a shot. We put out some light gear straight line with a 2/0 hook and a little splitshot weight crimped on about 4 feet up. We chunmed with chopoed small squid and used the tentacles for bait. We had barely begun the drift when the 1st ones showed and it was game on! The girls were on their own hooking and landing one after another! We even pulled aTriggerfish out of the mayhem!  With tired arms and liimited out we left the school behind and called it a day. We headed into the harbor, gave Pancho the sea lion his daily treat, and it was a wrap! What a blast we had and a great birthday with Ally!! Feliz Cumpleaños!!

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