A 30 year old dream come true

December 08, 2016 by Billy Lamarque

Trip Info

The Catch
Marlin (Blue)
Tuna (Yellowfin)

On this second trip with Mr Nigel and his wife Sarah,a marlin was written in big letters on the wishlist.On our first trip we caught 3 bonitos and 4 dorados.Our customer,as a teenager,had always wanted to catch a marlin.Well,Mauritius is one among a few countries where you can to do so.Since there was not much bird activity on the first dropoff we immediately headed to deep waters trolling with lures.The first three hours were dead quiet.Then we started hearing on the vhf that some other boats had birds feeding on the surface.We started to move right away to their location and out of nowhere,when you least expect it to happen,as always,a blue marlin pounced on the lure in the center of the pattern and in the blink of an eye had already taken half of the line on the 80 lbs reel(those reels are spooled with 1000 mts of line).In doing so it was also doing his aerial moves.Mr Nigel did very well for his first marlin as the fish was close to the boat within 30 minutes.We got the fish in the boat to the great joy of everyone.A short while afterwards we hooked a big bonito that got away and just 5 minutes before lines out we caught a nice school sized yellowfin tuna.Patience paid off for Mr Nigel and his 30 year old dream came true…...may be you will catch the next one…..........tight lines

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