The tough Black Marlin

December 10, 2016 by Billy Lamarque

Trip Info

The Catch
Marlin (Black)

We got a good adrenaline rush just an hour after we started this trip when an estimated 250 lbs Blue Marlin struck the shot gun lure.Mr Peter and his wife had invited one old couple onboard for their big fish quest.Everyone onboard was enjoying the beautiful scenery with this very sunny day we were having even though the fishes were quite shy.We saw a big Dorado free jumping and tried everything we could to make it bite at the different offerings we presented but we were not successful.Around 10:30 a.m,when the clients were starting to talk about the probability of going back with no fish, the action started when a 425 lbs Black Marlin took the long rigger lure on the 130 lbs reel.As Black Marlins love to do,the fish stayed deep and our angler took 45 minutes to get the fish close to the boat,Mr Peter passed the rod to his friend and with the help of Jerome it took another 15 minutes before the fish was onboard after having made some spectacular jumps very close to the boat.It was already time for us to head back.When Marlin fishing,do keep in mind that the action can happen anytime…............. if you have a bait in the water of course

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